Minimates TRU Wave 18 Winter Soldier & Hydra Elite

Toys R Us has a new wave of Marvel Minimates out now. Today’s set is the Winter Soldier Agent of Shield and Hydra Elite

Winter Soldier Hydra Minimate MOC

While this pack is stickered as a Toys R Us exclusive, the figures inside of it are carry overs from Comic Shop wave 54. The only difference being that Winter Soldier & Hydra Elite are each packed with a different figure in wave 54 (Winter Soldier is packed with Falcon and Hydra Elite is packed with either Baron Strucker or Madame Hydra)


Winter Soldier Minimate 01

The Winter Soldier has his classic comic appearance with sculpted straps and holsters. The chest holster holds the pistol well, but the gun in the leg holster is a little loose and will fall out.

Winter Soldier Minimate 03

Along with the two pistols, Winter Soldier also comes with a sniper rifle. All the guns fit well in his hands.

Winter Soldier Minimate 04

This Winter Soldier figure is a nice addition to any Captain America themed collection and I’m glad to get a comic styled figure shortly before the upcoming movie.


Hydra Elite Minimate 01

They Hydra Elite figure has some nicely sculpted parts in the shoulders, cape, skirt and mask

Hydra Elite Minimate 02

The mask can be removed to show a generic trooper mask underneath…

Hydra Elite Minimate 03

…in fact, the Hydra Elite figure can double as a generic Hydra trooper (Which is good since you’ll have 3 of this figure if you buy all the TRU and LCS packs)

Hydra Elite Minimate 04

The Hydra Elite comes with a pistol and a sword. The pistol fits loosely in the holster and can fall out easily.

Hydra Elite Minimate 06

The sword has a hole in it so it can be easily stored on the Hydra Elite’s belt. Amazingly, the sword doesn’t get in the way of the arm or even the cape while sitting on the belt.

Hydra Elite Minimate 05

The Hydra Elite also comes with a Hydra rifle for your troopers to use.

Winter Soldier Hydra Title

I bought this set for the Winter Soldier but for me, the Hydra Elite was the best figure in this pack (I am biased though as I love the “transforming” minimates)

The pack gives you a must have main character and your choice of two different bad guys for Winter Soldier to beat up on. For newer collectors who may have missed the last time DST gave us Hydra figures, this is a god send. Now you can build that army you always wanted. However, the older collectors have informed me that these Hydra figures have a different shade of green that doesn’t match the older figures. I still think one could incorporate these troopers with the older ones but it may seem off to some collectors.