Minimates Riot Gear Governor & Biker Zombie Review

Walking Dead Sunday is once again upon us and this week we’ll be checking out the other Governor set in Series 4!


Riot Gov Biker Package


This set is one of the fully Toys R Us Exclusive sets in that none of the figures are shared with the LCS Sets


Riot Gov 01

The Riot Gear Governor is based on his final raid on the prison in the comic storyline. The figure reuses the same riot gear that Rick wore in the previous Minimate series. Just like Rick’s riot gear, the face shield can be moved up and down and the chest armor can come off to reveal a black shirt underneath.

Riot Gov 02

The governor comes with a separate hair piece for the helmetless look. Unlike the previous Governor figure, this one only come with one head…The mad as hell face

Riot Gov 03


This head on the regular Governor body is also fun, if slightly inaccurate (What with the whole two full arms thing)

Riot Gov 04

Even more reason I’d have liked to have a severed arm piece with the first Governor figure


Riot Gov 05

Riot Gear Governor comes with a pistol and Michonne’s sword


Riot Gov 06

The pistol doesn’t fit into the holster so well and (I don’t know if this was just with my figure or all of them) the holster doesn’t seem to fit so well with the armor


Riot Gov 07

However, the sword allows us to recreate one dramatic scene from the comics


Biker Zombie 01

Like the Governor, the Biker Zombie has a lot of reused, sculpted parts


Biker Zombie 03

The arm for instance came from the Series 2 One-Eyed Zombie, however, I believe the jacket is all new as I haven’t seen one with a shredded shoulder piece. (This piece would be great for a Ghost Rider 2099 custom)


Biker Zombie 04

The other new piece is the wrist stump. It adds a little gory detail to what would be an otherwise, empty wrist socket.


So, the question is, do you NEED this set? Well the Biker Zombie is nice, but most collectors already had a few using the Max Zombie Biker and the Governor could be made using a spare Riot Rick and the eye patch head from the Regular Governor. But you wouldn’t have the fun, pissed off Governor face that makes this figure perfect so for that reason (and the new Biker jacket piece) I’d say you should buy this set. (But as I just explained, you don’t really NEED it)