Minimates Governor, Bruce & Jaw Zombie Review

It’s Walking Dead Sunday! Today we’re looking at two Minimate packs, but only 3 figures. Welcome to the love/hate relationship that is a “shared pack”

Bruce Gov Jaw Cover

In the whole Walking Dead Minimates series there have always been figure packs that were called “shared packs” This meant that both Toys R Us and Local Comic Stores would have the same figure packs. Typically this was only 2 of the four regular packs. So while the LCS set had 5 packs (including the variant set) you would only need 2 of the four packs sold at TRU (Referred to as the TRU exclusives)

However, with this series DST went a slightly different route. They have the typical 2 packs that are TRU exclusives, but this time the LCS/TRU shared packs only had one figure each that were shared. So in the past you only had to buy 7 of the 9 packs to get all the figures of the series, this time you need to buy all 9 packs.

Bruce Gov Jaw Package

The LCS pack comes with the Governor and his right hand man Bruce. Bruce looks like his comic counterpart and has a nice, tough looking civilian appearance.

Bruce 01

Bruce comes with a stand and one accessory, an automatic rifle

Bruce 03

He’s a nice addition to the civilian horde, but otherwise nothing too special

Bruce 02


Packed in both sets is the iconic comic version of the Governor

Gov 01

The Governor comes with a pistol, machete and a belt piece that will hold both weapons

Gov 03

Gov 04

Just like the Rick holster, this one doesn’t really hold the pistol too well, but the machete sheath works great!

Also packed in with the Governor is a spare head sporting an eyepatch

Gov 02

I like that we can have both versions, but I do wish we also got a severed arm piece (Though I suppose one could just take the lower arm off and call that a severed arm)

Gov 05

I like the Governor figure. It captures his slightly creepy/sleezy look rather well and comes with some nice pieces.


Included with the Governor in the Toys R Us pack is the Jaw Zombie.

Jaw Zom 01

This is a basic zombie with a reused hairpiece from the series 1 One Armed Zombie but now there a new Jaw/Neck piece to give the appearance that his jaw has been dislocated/pulled out

Jaw Zom 02


The Jaw Zombie is another nice addition to the zombie horde. The jaw piece is really the only part that makes him stand out from the other zombies (especially since the zombie he shares a hair piece with even has the same color shirt!) but I suppose having a uniform look to all the zombies will make it easier to create a massive horde of them and help in part swapping to make your own unique zombies.

Jaw Zom 03


All in all, since the Governor comes with two heads, it’s not completely bad that you have to get two of him to get all the figures since he can be a slightly different (almost accurate) version of the same figure


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