Mighty Morphin 90’s Nostalgia

I’m a big fan of my childhood. I guess I should say that I’m a big fan of the idea of my childhood. I could have done without some of the bullying and being natural girl repellent had its drawbacks, but I did manage to live through the best decades to be a kid.

How lucky does one get to be the perfect age for the era of GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats, and the Real Ghostbusters and still be age appropriate for the awesomeness that came out in the 90’s?

Saturday Morning’s were the stuff dreams were made of

Granted, the 90’s were not as bright and sunny as the 80’s, but it was the decade where the Batman came into sharp focus, gave us the Exo-Squad, made Pokemon a household name, and paved the way for the domination of the Power Rangers.


Now, Batman has never been out of the public consciousness since the days of Adam West, and Pokemon’s domination has done nothing but increased, but make no mistake the 90’s nostalgia is here and what better indication than the increase of classic Power Rangers toys and upcoming film.

I’m between hating it and loving it. First time ever.

The last two years has seen an increase of Power Rangers Legacy figures starting with the re-release of the classic 8″ figures that disappeared from toy shelves Christmas 1993 (Still waiting for my Power Rangers mother!!), the 5″ figures followed with some great paint apps and finally screen accurate power weapons, and the multiple releases of the various zords and weapons from the first three seasons of Power Rangers (aka your Mighty Morphin era).

If you got these for Christmas in 93 just know I hate you.

If you got these for Christmas 93, just know I hate you to this day.

The current spate of Legacy figures sees the 6″ figures with increased articulation and Zord accessories. The plus side is that Bandai doesn’t seem to be restricting themselves to  the Mighty Morphin crew, sure the main focus is on the classic Rangers that made the franchise a phenomenon but they’ve included the Space Rangers (second to the MM Rangers in awesomeness) in the waves and, oddly, the Ninja Storm characters as well.

Was Ninja Storm that big of a hit?

No seriously, why do they get Wave 1 status?

Make no mistake, this increase in Legacy products is the telltale that the 90’s have returned because Power Rangers is as 90’s as JNCO’s and disappointing your parents by listening to that Britney Spears (amiright guys… guys?).

I got to say I’m pretty stoked on this trend of 90’s nostalgia. The Legacy Ranger figures have been top notch. All I need now is some of them Exo-Squad figures to start getting some updates and release and for the secondary gouge market to chill the heck out.

Seriously, $300 for a Megazord? Who you trying to cheat?

Pictured: These items cost more than your house.
Thanks ebay.