Mighty Crusaders #4 – Preview

Mighty Crusaders is Archie Comics’ valiant effort at publishing a great super-hero comic. They’re doing an admirable job at it. Yes, I know that we haven’t covered it a lot, but I have been reading the review copies and actually enjoying it as it has progressed. Each issue is better than the last, and if the following comics in Archie’s Dark Circle imprint can continue this trend, then expect some great super-hero comics from the company that originally published these heroes.

We’ve included the preview art by Kelsey Shannon and Matt Herms, that Archie has sent ahead to promote the comic before retailers are cut off from changing their orders from Diamond. Monday, February 26 is the last day, so if you’re reading this on the day we’re putting it out, and want the book, call your local comic shop right away. If you’re reading this afterwards, please know that we got this put on the web site on the same day we got it from Archie Comics.

Mighty Crusaders #4

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Kelsey Shannon, Ryan Jampole, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli 
Cover: Kelsey Shannon, Matt Herms
Variant Covers: Rich Buckler, Phil Jimenez with Steve Downer
On Sale Date: 3/21
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.
The epic battle rages on! It’s Eliminators vs. the remaining Crusaders who aren’t under Dream Demon’s control. May the best team win!

Preview Pages: