Microman Automaster Ryan – Random Toys

We’ve got another Random Toy to show off, this time from the Microman series of 2004. Take a second to check out Automaster Ryan from the Master Force sub line!

2004 saw the release of a full Microman series with eight different subsets/categories. One of these categories is the Master Force series. Each Master Force figure came with accessories that could allow them to travel on Air, Water, Underground or on Land. Automaster Ryan is the one who travels over Land.


Automaster Ryan

Automaster Ryan is translucent green with white and black decos. Like most Microman/Henshin Cyborg figures, he has a chromed head. Automaster Ryan is using the (then fairly new) body that was released in 2003. This body has an impressive amount of articulation with multiple ball joints, swivel joints and hinges all over. The massive amount of articulation points makes it easy to create dynamic poses



One of the things I always liked about Microman figures is the multiple hands. Automaster Ryan has six different pairs of hands. Five are completely different poses, while the basic gripper hand is repeated with a different wrist articulation.


Each Microman figure also came with a figure stand that has two different sized pegs on it (I believe the larger peg is for the vintage figures) You’ll also note that the stand states 1974 as when Microman began, making Automaster Ryan and the other 2004 figures part of the 30th anniversary of Microman!


A word of caution for collectors now days. Translucent plastic can become brittle (especially depending on how it’s stored) After 14 years, this Automaster Ryan foot has broken and doesn’t always stay on. I have also noticed that some of the chrome accessories can start to fuse a bit when left plugged together.


Speaking of chrome accessories, here’s all of the parts that come with Automaster Ryan. All of the parts can be plugged together to create a Green and Chrome motorcycle for Automaster Ryan to ride on.


The Motorcycle has free moving wheels (That have a hazy translucence) Automaster Ryan can sit on the motorcycle and grip the handles under the green windshield. There are foot rests, but they don’t have pegs for the feet to lock into.


I’ve always thought Automaster Ryan seemed a little off when I’ve put him on the cycle. It seems like he should be sitting back a little more than I can ever get the figure to pose. I’ve run into this problem with a number of 3 3/4″ figures that come with Motorcycles.


You may have been wondering why all of the motorcycle parts can be separated, well that’s because they can be reconfigured to form armor for Automaster Ryan! Just like the Cyclone Armor from Robotech or the Cycle Armor Ashiko wears in GI Joe, Automaster Ryan can tool around in armor or have it transform into a motorcycle. It forms chest armor and two leg pieces.


To be honest, it was the armor/cycle that sold me on this figure. I like that I can either have a motorcycle or an armored up figure with wheels. I’m not crazy about Automaster Ryan’s paint deco, but I do like the translucent plastic. Overall, the armor makes it a fun figure. Plus since it’s a Microman, I don’t have any issues with articulation, even in the 70’s they were the most articulated 3 3/4″ figures around and that tradition was still going strong in 2004.