Mezco Unleashes a New Harley Quinn LDD- With Images!

Mezco has unleashed a new style of Living Dead Doll. Instead of the dead we are looking at something really awesome and new. This is what Mezco had to say- “LDD Presents has been created to bring pop-culture characters into the world of dolls that don’t quite fit into the universe of our existing dark and creepy doll line. Much like elseworlds-esque universes that are created in comic books in order to have more non-canonical fun with their characters and storylines, we created LDD Presents to allow us to expand our creative scope and bring to life characters and brands within our doll format that were not a perfect fit for Living Dead Dolls.”

Wow, these should do really well! Read on for more info on Harley and look at the new images they posted today for this piece. 

Harley Quinn, the deranged and psychotic poster girl for the terrifying allure of chaos is the darling of DC Comics. Both adorable and dangerous Harley Quinn is the Joker’s devoted girlfriend. When not up to no good what pleases Harley most is making the Clown Prince of Crime happy.

Now we proudly present her in all her deranged glory. Wearing her traditional red and black harlequin clown costume with matching jester hat, Harley is ready to do whatever “Mistah J” needs. Her look is complimented by a permanently affixed domino mask.

She comes complete with her oversized hammer, perfect for squashing any pesky bats who try to ruin her puddin’s fun.

Harley Quinn is fashioned on our signature LDD presents body. She stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation. She comes packed in a specially die cut window box perfect for display, but just like Arkham, it may not hold her for long.