Mezco Toy Fair 2020

Mezco never disappoints and this year was spectacular! New One 12 Collective Alien, Planet of the Apes and a few others stole the show. I had this feeling Aliens or Big Chap was going to happen just because of the association with Predator. Saying it was exciting does no justice with this release. Also shown for the first time (at a show) was the mighty Thanos. I’m glad it took some time to get the info out to us as he looks spot on. 

Also revealed but no pics at this time was a new Superman (Reeves) and Black Widow. Latter tonight we will add more insight to these releases and more. For now check out the images 

Shown for the first time:


Big Chap (Alien)


Dr Zaius

Two Face


Baron Bends

Of course we have seen most of these but I believe this was the first showing at a show. Also the Ghost Rider is looking impressive. We have so many cool One 12 Collective figures coming and more will be announced. Also the 5 Points Scooby, Batman 69 and Superman seemed to excite the crowd. While Super7 does wonderful with the ReAction, Mezco is taking it a little farther with the 5 Points. Maybe just fleshing out the characters is making the line seem more solid or the overall sculpts. Either way, these are going to be exciting.