Mezco Toy Fair 2016- Gigantor, LDD & More!

To round out the incredible Mezco booth we have horror galore, Gigantor, Mortal Kombat X and Chucky. Also shown was new Mezits and both a roto cast/ plush Snarf from Thundercats. If you look through the gallery I am sure you will spot a few things we missed. I would also like to give these guys a shout out for being so damn cool and I look forward to next year my friends.

_MG_1732_600x900 _MG_1733_600x900 _MG_1734_600x900 _MG_1735_600x900 _MG_1736_600x900 _MG_1737_600x900 _MG_1738_600x900 _MG_1739_600x900 _MG_1740_600x900 _MG_1741_1200x800 _MG_1742_1200x800 _MG_1743_1200x800 _MG_1745_1200x800 _MG_1746_1200x800 _MG_1747_1200x800 _MG_1748_600x900 _MG_1749_600x900 _MG_1750_600x900 _MG_1751_600x900 _MG_1752_600x900 _MG_1753_600x900 _MG_1754_600x900 _MG_1755_600x900 _MG_1756_1200x800 _MG_1757_1200x800 _MG_1758_1200x800 _MG_1759_1200x800 _MG_1760_1200x800 _MG_1761_600x900 _MG_1762_600x900 _MG_1763_1200x800 _MG_1764_1200x800