Mezco Toy Fair 2015 Gallery! One:12, Living Dead Dolls and More!!

Man I love these guys! Such as class act and the product selection is ever growing! The One:12 is amazing and Bugs Bunny is such an awesome choice for retail. If you like this piece please, PLEASE pick it up. I would love to see more Looney Tunes from Mezco. Of course Mezco had something on display called Mortal Kombat and these figures look even better in person.

They have the super articulation as we would expect and Mezco will be producing a 3 3/4 line as well. The hit for me was the One:12 and I did get a chance to “play” with one. The articulation is awesome folks and not once did I see or experience any issues with the cloth.

The joints move the way you expect and the detail is spot on. New Living Dead Dolls are coming and fans of Chucky will have another chance to secure this evil doll. Breaking Bad is still going strong but it looks bleak for the SOA line. So much is going on in the Mezco camp so make sure you like them on Facebook and check back here often,

Oh and I almost forgot, there is a new Tygra Mega Deluxe coming! Check out the image below Thundercats fans!

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