Mezco One 12 Collective- Now Shipping

Mezco has started the onslaught of releases for the One 12 line and we are excited! Coming in last week and still shipping is the One 12 Freddy Krueger. Horror fans will not want to miss the release as word is spreading on how good this figure is. Freddy is sporting double jointed elbows and the sculpt is on spot incredible. Fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street will want this and you must act fast!

The next one shipping and I do mean he is coming in hot will be Cable One 12 Collective! Many fans and retailers have been speculating on which one would come first, Cable or Aquaman and as of today, Cable will beat the king of Atlantis!

This one we all feel will be produced in lower quantities as he does have a light up feature. With that being said, you need to act fast to secure this release. Im sure he is going to sell out and the good news is Mezco still has pre-orders open! 

So with both Freddy Krueger and Cable One 12 Collective coming, who else will join the December release club? My money is on Aquaman next followed by Moon knight and Magneto! Moon Knight is the late one in the bunch and we already received an exclusive version of him so he should hit any day now. I do hate the onslaught this time of year but we all knew it was coming! 

Oh and before I forget, we have PX Exclusives coming for both Magneto and Cable so add that in the mix for 2019.