Mezco NYCC 2016 Pt 1- One 12 Collective

Mezco brought out all of their wonderful One 12th Collective figures for NYCC. While most of these we have seen but there are a few gems. The only thing I hate is the wait. Look for the first batch to hit sometime this fall and once the floodgate is open, it will be on! Now for part 1!

mezco-nycc-2 mezco-nycc-4 mezco-nycc-8 mezco-nycc-11 mezco-nycc-13 mezco-nycc-14 mezco-nycc-16 mezco-nycc-17 mezco-nycc-18 mezco-nycc-19 mezco-nycc-21 mezco-nycc-22 mezco-nycc-25 mezco-nycc-26 mezco-nycc-27 mezco-nycc-28 mezco-nycc-29 mezco-nycc-30 mezco-nycc-31 mezco-nycc-32 mezco-nycc-33 mezco-nycc-34 mezco-nycc-35 mezco-nycc-36 mezco-nycc-41 mezco-nycc-47 mezco-nycc-49 mezco-nycc-52 mezco-nycc-53 mezco-nycc-54 mezco-nycc-55 mezco-nycc-56 mezco-nycc-59 mezco-nycc-60 mezco-nycc-62 mezco-nycc-63