MegaDrive Sega Genesis Lucky Draw Contest Prize

Famitsu has posted new details concerning the chance to win a special edition Megatron by purchasing a Sega released compilation for the 3DS and filling out a survey between December 18th and January 31st. As with all proper Lucky Draw items, this Megatron is plated head to toe in gold chrome and is limited to five pieces. The downside to this is, the contest is open to residents of Japan only.

Also take note that this special version does not contain the Sonic cartridge as seen in the standard release but a Streets of Rage (aka Bare Knuckle in Japan) cartridge. This makes this contest even more appealing for the Japanese market. I for one could care less about the “gold” chrome but I do love some Sega. In fact, I think I will go fire up the old girl for old times sake. Sonic the Hedgehog is calling my name! Check out the images below!

10402058_793790007353608_6408411235874893052_n 10698561_793789997353609_3645158567953338634_n