McFarlane Toys- Harry Potter, GOT and More-Toy Fair 2019

McFarlane had an awesome display this year with tons of new releases. The really good news is McFarlane is going to super articulated figures now, which is good news with the DC license pending. One of the main highlights was the Harry Potter line. No pics were permitted but we have notes. 

7 inch: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Voldemort, (all from the Deathly Hallow). Retail price will be $19.99

Buckbeak will be a deluxe figure priced at $24.99

Dementor will be a a deluxe as well and he comes in at 10 inches with soft good. 

Also no Walking Dead product was shown but rest assured, McFarlane is looking to get some new characters out at some point. 

Check out the full gallery below and look for more news concerning the DC license soon.