McFarlane Toys Gets DC Comics Toy License

Holy cow Batman, IGN has shared news that McFarlane Toys will produce DC Comics action figures starting in 2020! This agreement will be 3 years and it will give McFarlane the ability to produce figures based on the comics, movies, and video games. According to their report, the license will allow McFarlane Toys to produce 6″ to 12″ scale “ultra-poseable” action figures, and also includes vehicles and accessories. So not expect anything on display this weekend at Toy Fair. 

As you all know. Spin Masters also acquired the license to produce DC related toys and we all wondered how they would manage producing highly articulated figures. It seems they do not but will have the ability to produce other toys. All we can say is 2020 is going to be an interesting year for DC toy fans. More info as we get it folks!