McFarlane Previews Fear The Walking Dead Madison Figure

McFarlane Toys has posted a preview image for Madison from Fear the Walking Dead. This will be part of their Color Tops collection. Look for Madison to be released this Summer. Read on for more!Strong, resilient, school counselor and single mother Madison Clark found a companion in Travis Manawa. Both struggled over the difficulty merging their two very different families when they became engaged, but everything became literal hell on earth when the world around them collapsed.  Her endurance was put to the test because not only does she have to survive, but has to keep every member of her family from falling off the rails and becoming a victim of the apocalypse.  Can Madison be strong enough for her entire family or will it push her to do something she can’t come back from?

Comes with a ball peen hammer, fire extinguisher, and figure base.  Spectacular actor likeness for Madison Clark sculpted from images of Kim Dickens.  Sculpted in her outfit worn in Season 1 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. Collect all of the various popular entertainment properties in McFarlane Color Tops.