McFarlane Batman Beyond DC Multiverse

McFarlane’s DC Multiverse toyline has finally gotten to the figure I was hoping they’d make, Batman Beyond! How does the McFarlane Batman Beyond stand up to previous figures? Read on to find out!




The McFarlane Batman Beyond has been released in two versions. We’re starting off by looking at the “Regular” or “Single” release. This version looks the closest to what most people remember as Batman Beyond from the TV Show. There’s a few sculpted details like the Gauntlets, Belt and Face Lines that are more in line with the Comic Book series. It’s interesting to note that on many of the McFarlane figures, the chest sigil is a separate piece that’s glued in place on the chest. The chest has a cavity to fit the piece too, so you get a nice sculpted feel to the logo. (and hopefully don’t have to worry about paint wear) One of my typical gripes about other Batman Beyond figures is that the chest sigil is some small logo, I do not have that issue here as it’s a proper size!



There’s a good amount of articulation in this figure. Swivel Hinge Ball joints on the ankles and wrists along with the usual double knee and elbow joints and butterfly shoulders. The neck, chest and waist all have ball joints, but unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of internal clearance to really bend forward much. However, the spine bends backwards at a good angle and twists along with bending side to side well. I was surprised to see the toes have articulation as well. There have been complaints from the fandom about the lack of thigh swivel articulation. While it would be a little more helpful in posing, I really don’t see the lack of swivel thighs as much of a drawback. Other than having my figures sit cross legged, I can achieve most poses without swivel thighs.



The wings on McFarlane Batman Beyond can swivel down like a cape or swivel up into flight position. I remember seeing some concept drawing with a similar aspect to the wings once so this is a cool feature. The forearms have a tab that can plug into notches on the wings so you can match up the arms and wings when in flight mode.





Due to the wings latching on the arms, you can really only have them posed straight out. The tabs don’t match up if you try to get the arms and wings posed straight up from the body like at the end of the cartoon intro.

Also included with the Single Release McFarlane Batman Beyond are rocket boot blast effects! This is a wonderful addition! The jets plug into the heel like a foot peg, but are sculpted to appear to be coming from both sculpted exhaust ports on the bottom of the feet.






I love the Talon Hands included with the figure, but we also get regular looking gripper hands. The hands look rather boring when compared with the stylized claw hands but these are needed to handle the included Batarang.

The McFarlane Batman Beyond Batarang in the Single Release is a bit of a let down to me. It looks like a straightened Batman Beyond Logo but also looks very similar to the Batman Begins Batarang. It fits well in the gripper hand, but it’s just not the right Batarang for this figure.






The last item included with the Single Release McFarlane Batman Beyond is a flight stand. The flight stand comes in two pieces in package and the arm slides into the base and locks in place. It locks so well that I’m not entirely sure it can be taken apart after you assemble it. The arm has a gripper hinge that can wrap around the waist or (as some fans have used it) around the leg. If you have it around the waist and put the rocket effects in the feet, there’s not quite enough room to keep the legs straight as the arm isn’t quite tall enough. The gripper hinge can also move up and down (but doesn’t twist around) The flight stand works well enough, but I have replaced it with a taller, more articulated stand already.



Each figure also comes with a trading card featuring a dio shot of the toy. The back has bio info about the character.



Now we’ll check out the BAF (Build A Figure) version of the McFarlane Batman Beyond. This version is an exclusive only sold at Target stores. The first difference you’ll notice is a different head. This has a more battle helmet sorta look with no sculpted face, vents on the sides and some bluetooth looking item on the left side of the head.



From the neck down, it’s the same figure as the Single Release.



The BAF version includes a black figure stand, alternate gripper hands and the proper Batman Beyond Batarangs! The new Batarangs look great and have a lot of sculpted detail on them to look interesting and futuristic while retaining the classic cartoon appearance. While the gripper hands are generic and not exactly the batarang holding style hands I have been wanting for years, they are the first gripper hands included with a Batman Beyond figure that CAN hold the batarang in close to the correct position!






McFarlane DC Multiverse figures are larger than the typical DCUC or Marvel Legends figures we’ve been getting for years. Here you can see the McFarlane Batman Beyond is about a head taller than the Mattel DC Multiverse Batman Beyond.



Also included with the BAF version is the torso of the Bat-Joker figure from the New 52 Future’s End comic. We also get another trading card with this figure fighting the Bat-Joker.



The back of both cards are exactly the same save for the headshot of each Batman Beyond figure.





Since I had to buy two figures to get all of the accessories I wanted, I decided it was time to customize the BAF version a little bit. The wings can be pulled out of the back with a little heat and prying. One wing has a ring with a lip that plugs into the figure’s back while the other wing has a peg that plugs inside the wing ring in the figure’s back. These are easily pulled out but do leave a large hole in the figure’s back.

I also used a dremel tool to cut channels into the interior of the torso pieces and neck to allow more room for the internal barbells to move so you can have the figure bend forward more and have his head look up higher. The changes aren’t too noticeable until you do side by side comparisons with unaltered figures. 





I replaced the included flight stand with a Hasbro one due to it being taller and being able to twist side to side so Batman Beyond can fly at an angle.



So, is the McFarlane Batman Beyond worth a purchase? ABSOLUTELY! It’s not exactly a definitive version and you do have to buy two figures to get all the accessories you want, but it’s still a fun figure that doesn’t feel like it’s going to break. There’s a good amount of articulation out of the package and it has fun features with the wings. The larger size may make it hard to fit in with other collections but it has a nice feel to it.