McFarlane Batman Beyond Battle Damaged Variant

About a month ago, a mystery McFarlane Batman Beyond Battle Damaged figure showed up online. Some initial theories were that it was a custom someone took a picture of in a store…these were of course not true. Toy Photographer and Graphic Art Designer for McFarlane Toys, Noah Botica, confirmed it was a variant figure and for the last month the hunt has been on! We got a hold of one and broke it out of it’s packaging!


The Batman beyond Battle Damaged variant comes in the typical McFarlane DC Multiverse packaging. In fact, it’s the exact same box the Single Release Batman Beyond came packaged in complete with the same dio shot on the back.




When you get the figure out, you can see the full body tampo work that’s on display here. There’s red circuitry all over along with a light grey design. This whole design is almost exactly how Batman Beyond looked in episodes like Spellbound and Ace in the Hole whenever the suit would get damaged.




Now, the main gripe I’ve seen (and I kinda have it too) is that the light grey parts are too light. They really needed to be a darker grey or purplish-grey to pull off the animated appearance better. I assume the grey was made light enough so the red circuitry would be easily seen when printed on top of it. It does appear that the painted mouth and eyes are actually white and not the light grey seen on the rest of the figure.



Speaking of the head, you can see here that it’s the same head that came with the Target exclusive BAF version. This was probably the best head to use for the mouth tampo as you don’t have to get it perfectly aligned with the sculpted mouth of the other head. That said, the profile of this head looks a little odd as it’s a bit flat in the nose/mouth area. You can also see that the small bluetooth looking device on the left ear is now gone on this version.



The Batman Beyond Battle Damaged Variant comes with all of the same accessories as the Single Release version. Batarang, spare hands, jet boot effects and flight stand. Even the trading card is the exact same one.



I really like this variant and give props to some of the attention to details like the circuitry on the shoulder. It looks just like how it’s portrayed in the cartoon. The battle damaged aspect of it really makes me want to take the wings off. It also looks good in dio scenes with Shriek.

The bad news about this figure is that it’s reportedly only 1 per case of 6 figures. I haven’t seen any show up in my neck of the woods yet (east coast) but I was lucky enough to trade for this one from a guy in Indiana. If you really want this figure, keep your eyes open and make connections with people in other states. Don’t go to ebay and feed the scalpers as the secondary price is dropping. Currently it’s around the $55-$75 mark. Early in it’s release, it was topping around $170!




This is now the third McFarland Batman Beyond figure in only 1 year! I think that’s the most we’ve gotten in such a short span from any toy maker since the original Batman Beyond toyline over 20 years ago! Usually you only get one maybe two Batman Beyond figures then a long lull and another figure or two. I hoped McFarlane would make a Batman Beyond figure and here I’ve gotten three new ones. (Not to mention the other characters coming out)