Matty Media Event 2016- Mega bloks and More!

Mega Bloks had a nice display at the Matty Event and the TMNT stole the show. I know we are not alone with this as many hovered around this section for a while. Halo also had a good showing and the sets look tight. We would like to say thank you to the fine folks at Matty for putting on this event and for giving us free food and beverages! Matty Collector is always welcoming and I look forward to working with them during the year! Now onto the last set of images!

_MG_2250_1200x800 _MG_2251_1200x800 _MG_2257_1200x800 _MG_2258_1200x800 _MG_2259_1200x800 _MG_2260_1200x800 _MG_2261_1200x800 _MG_2262_1200x800 _MG_2263_600x900 _MG_2264_600x900 _MG_2265_600x900 _MG_2267_600x900 _MG_2268_600x900 _MG_2269_1200x800 _MG_2270_1200x800 _MG_2271_1200x800 _MG_2274_1200x800 _MG_2276_1200x800 _MG_2212_600x900 _MG_2214_600x900 _MG_2216_1200x800 _MG_2217_1200x800 _MG_2219_1200x800 _MG_2220_1200x800 _MG_2221_1200x800 _MG_2222_1200x800