Matty Collector: 2013 SDCC: Preview Night Reveals

Matty Collector was kind enough to post some incredible info regarding the MOTU line. Who said this line is finished? I know we did not. Check out all the surprises after the jump!

Toy Fans,

Toy Guru is at SDCC right now and the action is insane! We can’t wait another second, so we’re giving you a preview of a few of the amazing products we’re revealing this year! Are you ready for an exclusive look at what’s heading to your collection, straight from the heart of SDCC?

First, don’t forget to check our Fan Forums for more reveals, updates and photos throughout the show. (Click here to see a complete schedule of the panels and events we’ve got planned.) And now, without further ado, behold…

Masters of the Universe® Classics Sky-High with Jet Sled™

Happy Holidays! Yeah, it’s summer now, but coming this fall, for the first time we’ll have a figure with a mini-vehicle! Daring test pilot Sky-High arrives with the long-requested Jet Sled™, the front half of the vintage Battle Ram vehicle featured heavily in the Filmation series. Sky-High is the heroic fighter pilot best known (okay, only known) from the background of a vintage ‘80s poster where he can be seen piloting the Wind Raider™!

sled_Image-300x285 Picture22 Picture23 Picture24-271x300 Picture25


Masters of the Universe® Classics Weapons Pak: End of Wars™

The final MOTUC weapons pak is here, and it’s overflowing with fan-demanded items including:

  • Gold weapon treasure, including shield, small axe, axe staff, and club for Granamyr™
  • Arm attachments in Trap Jaw® black for Hurricane Hordak™
  • Sword, mace and shield in traditional sword gray for Sir Laser-Lot™
  • POP sword in blue for Netossa™
  • Mirror blaster for Strobo
  • Horde armor for Rattlor™
  • Arm attachments in Roboto® gray for Trap Jaw®
  • Sword, shield and axe in green for He-Man®
  • Kowl™ in classic toy colors

Weaponspak-300x222 Weapons_pack1-300x300 Weapons_pack2-300x300 Weapons_pack3-300x300 Weapons_pack4-300x300



Masters of the Universe® Classics Geldor™

This Fan’s Choice winner is coming to your collection as the November monthly figure! Geldor™, the villain from the classic mini-comic “The Secret Liquid of Life,” crushed all other challengers and took the top spot! This Geldor™ figure will include removable red armor, oversized battle axe and secret water vile.

g2 g1


Epic Creations™ DC Classic TV Series Batman™ Utility Belt

No joke… if you’re going to vanquish villains and save Gotham City, you’ll need a groovy utility belt just like the one worn by Batman™ in the 1960s television series! Created with Warner Bros. Entertainment and designed to fit adults, the 43” belt is authentically styled and includes four pouches that open from the bottom, just like they did on the show. It also features four opening tubes and a 12” blue plasticBatarang that folds up neatly for storage allowing hands-free crime fighting.

Epic Creations™ Ghostbusters™ Neutrino Wand

Negative vibrations from ectoplasmic entities bumming you out? Give them a positive blast with your Neutrino Wand! Developed with Sony Entertainment, this authentically detailed wand delivers vibrations and a force kickback when blasted, light-meter animations on the base that ramp up or down depending on how high you’ve adjusted the proton stream setting, and an extending tip that lights up with orange, red, and yellow LEDs (does not actually shoot a beam).

The wand’s buttons and switches are loaded with lights and sounds sampled directly from the Ghostbusters™ films, including the main power on/off switch and the proton stream on/off switch, length-adjuster knob, and “blasting” button. And if total protonic reversal is your thing, then you’ll want to cross the streams and see what happens! Fire two Neutrino Wands at each other and watch the lights change color as the light-up meter transforms to a unique pattern and new sounds and vibration are triggered.

Okay, that’s everything from Preview Night. Want more from SDCC? Remember tokeep checking our Fan Forums because we’ll post info, updates and images straight from the show when we get them! And for email reminders when all these hot new products become available, just click here.


*Please Note: as always, the products, product names, designs, and availability are subject to change.