Mattel SDCC 2013 MOTU & More!

Mattel finally showed us a near complete Castle Greysskull and so much more! I am really digging the retro Batman series (Adam West for the win!) and He-Man is still strong as ever. You can check out the full gallery after the jump!

IMG_0359_1024x768 IMG_0360_1024x768 IMG_0361_1024x768 IMG_0362_1024x768 IMG_0363_1024x768 IMG_0364_1024x768 IMG_0365_1024x768 IMG_0366_1024x768 IMG_0367_1024x768 IMG_0368_1024x768 IMG_0369_1024x768 IMG_0370_1024x768 IMG_0371_1024x768 IMG_0372_1024x768 IMG_0373_1024x768 IMG_0374_1024x768 IMG_0375_1024x768 IMG_0376_1024x768 IMG_0377_1024x768 IMG_0378_1024x768 IMG_0379_1024x768 IMG_0380_1024x768 IMG_0381_1024x768 IMG_0382_1024x768 IMG_0383_1024x768 IMG_0384_1024x768 IMG_0385_1024x768 IMG_0386_1024x768 IMG_0387_1024x768 IMG_0388_1024x768