Masterpiece Star Saber- Brainmaster Figure Confirmed!!

Maybe some of you missed this bit of news; I know I did and it,s indeed huge. The upcoming MP Star Saber will include a Brainmaster Figure, The Brain of Courage!! Now this is really awesome and the confirmation comes from Cybergeeks Alliance, who posted scans from Transformers Generations 2014 volume 2. Now if you’re like me, I really do not have that much knowledge on the Brainmasters but I do know Headmaster well enough. Here is a bit of history concerning the Brainmasters:

The Brainmasters are a similar concept to the Headmasters in that a smaller robot forms the central component of the larger robots. Instead of having the pilot form the entire head, as with Headmasters, the pilot of a Brainmaster forms the face and torso interior of the larger robot. Possibly the larger robot body is a transectortoo, or it might be the original body with the smaller robot being an upgrade unit. What advantages this provides the Autobot is unclear, though each of the recognized Brainmasters is known as an elite level warrior but that might have been true before becoming Brainmasters.

I think Takara did an awesome job with this figure and giving us a Brainmaster was a stroke of genius. Check out the images below and let us know what you think. Did this seal the deal for this purchase? Or will you wait to see if Hasbro brings this to the States?

star saber (1) star saber (2) star saber (3) star saber (4) star saber (5)