MASK Toys Set For A Return to Retail? Maybe…..

By now many of you have heard that Hasbro retained the rights and trademarks for the MASK brand. Since this news broke many have thought that maybe, just maybe Hasbro would reintroduce the line back into retail. Well, we have word that this might actually happen. Coming in hot from the Kenner Toys on twitter comes the following message:

M.A.S.K is set to return to toy aisles in 2015. An source at Hasbro let us know that a development team has already started on plans….

If that does not sound promising I do not know what does! Now the question remains concerning what size Hasbro will go with. I for one hope that Hasbro sticks to the classic size so they can release some killer vehicles but at the same time some new 3.75″ scale figures would rock. More on this soon folks but for now just image what we will get come Toy Fair!