Marvel Select Falcon Review

Marvel Select’s Falcon from the movie Captain America The Winter Soldier hit comic shops yesterday and we were able to get our hands on one. Read on to see if this figure soars or should have his wings clipped!


Marvel Select Falcon 01 MOC

Marvel Select Falcon 02 MOC

Falcon comes packaged in your typical Marvel Select packaging inside a bubble on a wraparound card. The back of the card has a bio about Sam Wilson, AKA: Falcon and mentions a little about the figure itself.


Marvel Select Falcon 03

Falcon is well detailed and stands just over 7 inches tall. Falcon’s gear (Goggles, Pads and Flight Harness) are all molded on. Some of the pads that lay over articulation points (like the hips pads) are made of a softer plastic to give way a bit to the articulation.


Marvel Select Falcon 04 Backdrop

Falcon comes with a display backdrop that looks like the side of some aircraft hull or maybe a bunker wall. The floor has a Shield logo molded on.

Marvel Select Falcon 05 Backdrop

There are no footpegs to mar the Shield logo on the floor, but that doesn’t stop Falcon from being able to stand on it.

Marvel Select Falcon 06 Backdrop

The backdrop can slide apart for easy storage.


Marvel Select Falcon 07 Articulation

The packaging says the figure has 16 points of articulation (It only comes out to 16 if you count just the joints, if you count the different ways the joints move (IE: a Swivel/Hinge elbow counts for 2 POA) then you get an impressive 26 POA) This allows Falcon to have a great range of motion.

Marvel Select Falcon 08 Articulation


Marvel Select Falcon 09 Wings

Falcon’s backpack has two holes for you to plug the wings into


Marvel Select Falcon 10 Wings

The wings don’t move but they do have  an impressive 13 5/8″ wingspan.

Marvel Select Falcon 12 Action


Marvel Select Falcon 13 Foot

I do have a couple of nit picks with this figure. The first one being the ankles. Here you can see the pad on the back of the leg juts down over the articulation point. This means that the feet can never point their toes downward. I don’t know if this was done to be screen accurate or to add stability to the ankles due to the top heavy nature of the toy (The figure is fairly top heavy and it makes the joints seem very wobbly when posing on one foot) but it’s a pet peeve of mine when a flying figure can’t point their toes down in a natural flying pose.


Marvel Select Falcon 14 Movie Clip

Now my other issue, seen here is a still from the Captain America trailer showing Falcon in an action stance while fighting the Winter Soldier…..

Marvel Select Falcon 15 Movie Clip

…and here is the Falcon figure in a similar pose to the one seen in the trailer. One might wonder if this was a Taco Bell commercial for Tomb Raider seeing as how empty Falcon’s hands are. I assume that the addition of the huge wings may be what priced a couple of guns out of the package, but as a helpful suggestion, I would offer up the display background to be sacrificed for a couple of guns (and possibly a clear flight stand)


Marvel Select Falcon 11 Action

Falcon comes out to be a highly detailed 7″ action figure that looks like it came straight from the movie. In a perfect world the wings would have a single hinge joint with 3 or 4 segmented wing parts to allow the wings to fold down a bit, The goggles would be removable, toes would point down and with a couple of guns packed in, but for the low price of $24 I can’t really argue with what we do get. If you’re a fan of Falcon, I highly recommend this figure