Marvel Select Ant-Man, Black Widow & Dr Strange

DST has several items coming soon and some of the highlights are the Marvel Select figures. As you all know, DST has limited their new Marvel Selects to a one run and done approach. If you see these you need to buy them. Right now you can pre-order all of these from DST, comic shops and online shops but be aware of allocations. Enough of that, lets take a look at a few upcoming figures!

Ant-Man is going to be the hot one and I do see him selling fast. If the movie is as huge as we think it will be, he will be even tougher to locate.

Black Widow has been done before but take note, this is the Avengers 2 version. DST has created the best sculpt possible for this figure and that alone will make her a must have.

Dr Strange is a first for DST and all I will say is Silver Surfer. What is the connection? Silver Surfer sold out and he too was a new figure for the line. Plus you must remember there is a Marvel Movie in the works for the good Dr.

There is more to come folks so stay tuned. I know a particular Hulk just went up today.

Marvel Select Antman (1) Marvel Select Antman (2) Marvel Select Antman (3) Marvel Select Antman (4) Marvel Select Black Widow Marvel Select Dr Strange