Marvel Reveals Chewbacca and Vader Down Comic Series At SDCC 2015!

We have not one BUT two new Star Wars comics to look forward to: Chewbacca and a new DarthVader Mini Series called Vader Down. You can check out both covers below and a short synopsis of each book. I know the staff at Needless is definitely looking forward to more Marvel Star Wars. 

Chewbacca will be an interesting title to say the least. The first arc revolves around Chewi trying to get back to the Alliance. He will have some choices to make on the way. The book will also sport a different kind of visual language without captions or word balloons showing what Chewie is saying or thinking.

Vader Down will center around the events between Marvel’s currently ongoing series Star Wars and Darth Vader and will feature six issues, kicking off with an oversized first issue. The story will show Darth Vader literally down behind enemy lines, on his own against the entire Rebel army.

Star_Wars_Vader_Down_1_Cover stwchewie2015001-143455-horz