Marvel-ous Gaffe? – Meet Snowflake and Safespace

Relevance is often something that big companies have a hard time maintaining. Keeping a “finger on the pulse” of pop culture and current events proves difficult when planning large scale, long term projects. This definitely applies to the realm of comic books, and Marvel may have made the rare misstep, if social media is to be believed, with one of its newest print offerings.

The New Warriors has been a known group of superheroes within the Marvel Universe since the late 1980’s. It has had a revolving door of members since its inception including the likes of Nova, Firestar, and the Scarlet Spider, to name a few. New Warriors: Outlawed is set to hit comic shelves, maybe?, in mid-April 2020 with a brand new lineup for the team. This new lineup has put the Tom DeFalco/Ron Frenz creation at the forefront of controversy. The New Team will consist of multiple new additions to the Marvel Universe, and none have caused quite the stir as Snowflake and Safespace, a pair of psychic twins.

The announcement of these additions to the New Warriors team rocked social media over the last couple of weeks. #Snowflake and #Safespace to trend as countless Twitter uses shared their opinions and redesigns of the characters. The controversy mostly stems from the namesakes of the characters, which according to Marvel, is an attempt to “take back” the derogatory terms and wear them as “badges of honor.” Taking a backseat to the names of these characters are their actual powers. Snowflake possesses the ability to create snowflake shaped crystals that can be used as shuriken, while Safespace can create forcefields (get it?) but only if he is protecting somebody else.

Should Marvel have tried to flip the script on these derogatory terms? How long will these characters be around? How can companies like Marvel stay relevant without causing such an uproar? Sound off in the comments!