Marvel Minimates Wave 60 X-Men Brotherhood

The newest wave of Marvel Minimates is in Local Comic Shops and the entire wave is a team building wave. What teams are being built you ask? Well none other than the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Jim Lee’s Strike Force X-Men!


XMen Minimates Wv60 01

For this review we’re reviewing the whole wave, so there will be a lot of pictures. The two packs are the typical window boxed two packs. Each pack has one member from the Brotherhood and one X-Man.

The first pack we’ll look at is the shortpacked (I believe 1 per case) Jubilee & Destiny


XMen Minimates Wv60 02 Jubilee

Jubilee has the blue and yellow “Strike Force” X-Men uniform that we’ll be very accustomed to by the end of this review. She has a new sculpted hair piece that includes sculpted sunglasses. This is the first Jubilee to come with this hairpiece and the first one to have the glasses in their normal position resting on her forehead.

Jubilee comes with another sculpted hairpiece that has the glasses down covering her eyes. She also comes with two pink plasma bursts that cover her hands.

XMen Minimates Wv60 03 Jubilee


XMen Minimates Wv60 04 Destiny

Destiny comes in her trademark blue costume with gold mask. The mask is a slip over mask that covers her face. Destiny also has a hairpiece for an unmasked look.

XMen Minimates Wv60 05 Destiny

Destiny unfortunately doesn’t come with a crossbow and her cape restricts her movement, which paired with Jubilee (who also doesn’t come with many accessories) makes the shortpacked set really only desirable to completionists.


The next set has Strike Force Storm paired with Avalanche

XMen Minimates Wv60 06 Storm

Like all of the X-Men Minimates in this wave, Storm has a new face and while the hairpiece isn’t new to Minimates, it is the first time Storm has had it. DST even used a different tampo on the chest block than the one Jubilee had to denote this is not a young teen figure.

Storm comes with a single foot flight stand and two lightening bolts that can attach to the arms. We’ve seen these bolts before with past Storm figures. The bolts don’t work quite as well as they do with other storms due to the glove cuffs being larger than a plain Minimate arm.

XMen Minimates Wv60 07 Storm


XMen Minimates Wv60 08 Psylock

You might be wondering where Psylocke came from here, well this is the first set that shows you why this wave is so cool. Storm comes with a spare Psylocke head, hair and psychic fist accessory so you can either have Storm or Psylocke!

The parts swapping aspect of Minimates is so easy for customs, I love seeing DST utilize it for multiple characters in one set. You already have enough Storms? No problem, now you can have a Psylocke!

XMen Minimates Wv60 09 Psylock


XMen Minimates Wv60 10 Avalanche

Avalanche also comes with two looks of his own. You have the first appearance look that’s blue and silver, then you have the one I remember more from my childhood with the giant A on his chest.

I like how the two looks were made. The chest block is silver with the A on it, then you can either use the slip over chest piece for the first appearance or you can put on removable shoulder pads to work with the plain chest block.

XMen Minimates Wv60 11 Avalanche


XMen Minimates Wv60 12 Avalanche

Avalanche’s mask can come off, but unfortunately there’s no hair piece for an unmasked look. Included with Avalanche are two pieces of road debris. There’s no specific use for these pieces, they can just be set around Avalanche to simulate his mutant powers.

XMen Minimates Wv60 13 Avalanche


XMen Minimates Wv60 14 Wolverine

The next set includes Wolverine (Can’t have a wave without an X-Men anchor character) This is the 58th Minimate of Wolverine and actually the second time he’s been in this particular costume. However, this version is definitely an upgrade to the old one that came out 6 years ago.

The extra parts included with Wolverine include a head, hair, gun, chest straps, non-claw hands and a spare robotic leg! That’s right, we get our first Forge Minimate! This is one of the figures I am most excited for in this whole wave as this is pretty much the definitive Forge for me (I realize the yellow boots aren’t exactly correct, but that doesn’t bother me one bit)

XMen Minimates Wv60 15 Forge


XMen Minimates Wv60 16 Leg Damage

A word of warning, when you swap out one of the legs for the Forge leg, you also have to swap out the yellow straps, unfortunately, the straps with take away a little of the blue paint from the leg (or leave yellow paint from the strap, it’s hard to tell which is happening)


XMen Minimates Wv60 17 Blob

Packaged with Wolvie/Forge is the Blob. This is the first comic version of the Blob we’ve gotten and he comes in his classic outfit. Blob also has extra feet and hands that are uncovered so you can have Blob barefoot or without his gold arm bands. I like that DST used the bulked up parts to really give Blob some bulk unlike the movie figure that looked odd having thin arms and legs.

XMen Minimates Wv60 18 Blob


XMen Minimates Wv60 19 Banshee

The next set gives us another first, Banshee! As with all the X-Men this is the blue and yellow Strike Force costume and just like the ladies in this wave, Banshee has a different torso than Wolvie/Forge.

Banshee’s face is shown screaming and there’s a good reason for that, he comes with a scream effect piece! Banshee also has a two foot flight stand.

XMen Minimates Wv60 20 Banshee

XMen Minimates Wv60 21 Banshee

Banshee’s scream effect is a cone shaped translucent piece with a sculpted texture and a few cut out areas here and there. The effect attaches to the neck post underneath his head so it can line up nicely with his screaming mouth. With both the scream effect and Banshee’s wings attached to the neck peg, there isn’t enough room for the head to look up and down, but everything looks so nice that that’s not really a problem.

XMen Minimates Wv60 22 Banshee


XMen Minimates Wv60 23 Gambit

Banshee also comes with parts to make Gambit! All of the extra parts (Hair, card effect hands and satchel) are reused parts (mostly from the first Gambit Minimate) The face tampo is also new

XMen Minimates Wv60 24 Gambit

I love that the energy cards are sculpted to be each of the four Aces in a deck of cards (you can see it clearer on the single card hand)

XMen Minimates Wv60 25 Gambit


XMen Minimates Wv60 26 Pyro

Packaged with Banshee/Gambit is the last of the Brotherhood in this wave, Pyro! Pyro doesn’t have any extra parts to change his appearance, but he’s basically looked the same all this time anyway. He’s in his classic costume. His gauntlets are attached to his backpack with thin hoses.

Just like Avalanche, Pyro’s mask comes off, but he doesn’t have a separate hair piece for an unmasked look.

XMen Minimates Wv60 27 Pyro

XMen Minimates Wv60 28 Pyro

Pyro does come with some flame effects though. The flames can be held by his hands so they appear to be coming from his gauntlets. The flames fit pretty well in the hands, but I could see the hands getting stretched out a bit over time if they’re holding the flames for months at a time.

XMen Minimates Wv60 29 Pyro


XMen Minimates Wv60 30 Strike Force

One of the cool things about this whole wave is that it was designed to give you every X-Man seen on the fold out cover of Uncanny X-Men 275 and in fact if you bought the whole wave plus duplicates of Banshee, Storm and Wolverine, you could easily recreate that cover with Minimates (I still have two more sets to buy to accomplish this task)

Xmen Minimates Wv60 31 275


XMen Minimates Wv60 45

This wave combined with previous Minimates also gives you the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (and the core group of Freedom Force)


XMen Minimates Wv60 44

And for the customizers, the spare parts are awesome for making some (as of yet) unmade and harder to find Minimates. These four customs were made by mainly swapping existing parts (Jubilee’s Coat and tops of legs along with Gambits Coat, Belt & Boots are the only painted parts on all four figures)


This entire wave is one every X-Men fan should get one of if not multiple sets. With one wave you get two full teams (if you buy multiples) Even if you’re not a fan of the Strike Force costumes, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is a great team set to have and I’m sure there are plenty of collectors that will quickly buy those X-Men figures from you. Almost every figure is an iconic character and at least half of them are in their iconic costumes. I can’t recommend this whole wave enough.


XMen Minimates Wv60 32

XMen Minimates Wv60 33

XMen Minimates Wv60 34

XMen Minimates Wv60 35

XMen Minimates Wv60 36

XMen Minimates Wv60 37

XMen Minimates Wv60 38

XMen Minimates Wv60 39

XMen Minimates Wv60 40

XMen Minimates Wv60 41

XMen Minimates Wv60 42

XMen Minimates Wv60 43