Marvel Minimates TRU Wave 17 Superior Spiderman & Ult. Electro

There’s a new wave of Marvel Minimates at Toys R Us and today we’re checking out Superior Spider-Man and Ultimate Electro! We’ve also got a rare bonus review at the end of this one! Read on to find out what it is.

Superior Spidey Electro Package

Here’s the packaged shot of this set. What’s odd is that the last few waves have had a different overall color on the packaging to differentiate between the waves. However, both wave 16 & 17 have had this purple starburst color on the packaging.


Superior Spidey 01


First up is Superior Spider-Man. The costume is the newer version and has all the nice Minimate details you’d expect.


Superior Spidey 02

Spidey comes with the same webbing accessory that has been in use for years.


Superior Spidey 03


But he also comes with a spare head and hairpiece which includes a microphone piece. The face has a smirk that I’d only expect from Superior Spider-Man.


Ult Electro 01


Now we have the big baddie of this set, Ultimate Electro! The figure is fully made of translucent blue plastic and has details on the head torso and legs.


Ult Electro 02

Electro comes with two lightning pieces for his forearms….


Ult Electro 03


…two lightning whips…..


Ult Electro 04


…and a lightning base! Each of these accessories can be used separately….


Ult Electro 05

…or all together for ultimate electricity!


Superior Spider-Man is an ok figure. I haven’t read the comic so the character doesn’t mean much to me. However, Ultimate Electro was a big winner with me because I know the character, like having baddies for Spider-Man to fight, and I love translucent figures. The addition of the base piece and all the lightning effect accessories just push this figure to one of the top spots of this wave for me.




TRU17 Venom Title

Alien Symbiote Venom comes in a two pack with Nova. Typically I would do a full review of a full set, but in this case me and a friend split a two pack. I wanted Venom and he wanted Nova. So I will only be reviewing Venom (Hence why this is a bonus review)


TRU17 Venom 01

There is a simple Symbiote Venom/ Spider-Man figure (Since there’s no mouth, I’d say it can me either one of them) The figure has the classic black costume look right down to the white squares on the back of the hands.


TRU17 Venom 02

This figure has none of the blue highlights we’ve seen with the previous Venom and Black Spidey Minimates. The base color on this figure is a dark purple.


TRU17 Venom 03

Venom also has parts to make him the fully bulked up version of Venom we all know and love. This figure is the same figure as “Venom Unleashed” in the Venom four pack (I unfortunately do not have that figure to show a comparison) However, this Venom is Purple with black highlights  unlike the four pack version which is black with blue highlights


TRU17 Venom 05

Venom also comes with a tendril accessory you can use to replace one of his hands.


TRU17 Venom 04

This picture shows off the purple color the best.


TRU17 Venom 06


The bulked up size is a nice contrast when he’s fighting a normal sized Spidey.


TRU17 Venom 07

You can also have some fun with the removal of a bulked up piece or two


TRU17 Venom 08

This Venom is a nice addition to the other bulked up versions of figures we’ve gotten lately and works great for those of us who may have missed out on the Venom four pack.