Marvel Minimates TRU Wave 17 Rescue Armor Iron Man & Robot Hulk

Here’s another Wave 17 Marvel Minimates pack: Rescue Armor Iron Man & Robot Hulk. This Toys R Us exclusive pack is chock full of robotic goodness!

Rescue Robot Package


Rescue Iron Man 01

Iron Man has a great metallic paint job with the usual high detailing that we’ve seen in past Iron Man minimates.


Rescue Iron Man 02

This Iron “Man” has a removable helmet and spare hair piece so you can have a helmetless Pepper Potts in her Rescue Armor.


Rescue Iron Man 03

Pepper also comes with a flame base we’ve seen with many of the past Iron Man minimates.


Rescue Iron Man 04


Rescue Iron Man 05

When I first saw this Iron Man, I wasn’t too thrilled. It’s a highly detailed figure that looks great, but I already have a few great Iron Man minimates. Really the only thing that makes me like this figure the most is the Pepper Potts head. I like how the minimate looks without the helmet and adds a new character to my collection rather than just another armor with Tony Stark in it.


Robot Hulk 01

The next figure in this set is Robot Hulk. Much like the Rescue Armor Iron Man, I have no idea about this character as I haven’t kept up with most comics in a very long time. So I’m coming at this figure with no preconceived ideas about it. It’s just a large robot Hulk….and that’s all I need 🙂

Robot Hulk 02

The chest and feet are reused from the Marvel Capcom Sentinel minimate. The bulked up parts making Robot Hulk do restrict his movement a bit (especially the shoulders) but you can still get some dynamic poses out of him.


Robot Hulk 03

Robot Hulk comes with a spare robot head so you can make a slimmed down robot. With the chest piece removed you now see the robot is controlled by the Soviet scientist called “The Gremlin”


Robot Hulk 04

As you can see, the slimmed down version of Robot Hulk has a much better range of motion.


Robot Hulk 05

He can also fit in well with other minimate robots. For me, this minimate is the best one of the pack, but it’s a fairly close race with Rescue Armor. If you like robots and minimates, this is the set to pick up out of this wave.