Marvel Legends Weapon X Review

The latest Marvel Legends wave is in stores right now and it’s full of X-Men characters. Today we’re looking at the Caliban wave Marvel Legends Weapon X!


Marvel Legends Weapon X has the typical appearance. Control Helmet, Batteries, wires all over the place, just your normal, run of the mill Mutant experiment ready to bust loose! The chest strap is a new addition that reminds me of Hugh Jackman’s appearance in X-Men Apocalypse. I also noticed recently that the X-Men Animated series had Weapon X with the shoulder straps, just no connecting middle strap. The batteries appear to be glued to parts of the belt, as do the wires. While this means less customization like the previous Marvel Legends Weapon X, it also means less chances to lose those batteries.



The control helmet head has a great sculpt to it. The machinery looks good and for the first time ever, it looks proportionally correct. This is also the only part that appears to be made to have the wire removed from.


One of my favorite aspects of this toy is that the control helmet head looks so much like Barry Windsor Smith’s artwork from the original Weapon X books! It’s not sculpted exactly like the artwork, but Logan’s deadpan expression just evokes memories of the first time I read that comic. Since that comic is what made me fall in love with this appearance, I’m glad the Legends Weapon X looks like the artwork.


Making the wire removable from the Control Helmet means you can easily change out the heads. Marvel Legends Weapon X also comes with an unmasked head. The face is sculpted in a feral scream. While I’m sure this would be a good addition to add some ferocity to Weapon X, the head sculpt just doesn’t work for me. I just don’t like how it looks and the hair isn’t wild and crazy enough. Thus far I haven’t been happy with ANY of the unmasked heads for ANY of the Weapon X toys that have ever been released, so I honestly didn’t expect to like this head anyway.


The figure is pretty poseable, I like the shoulder articulation that lets you move the shoulder forward or backward. Another nice addition is that the wires are connected to the arms by wrist cuffs. The cuffs can easily rotate around the wrist so that the length of the wire doesn’t limit the arm articulation. I also really like how the claws are attached here. Typically they’re a single piece that attached to the back of the hand or something, but here they appear to be individual claws embedded into the hands. This gives the effect that they are coming out of Weapon X’s hands.


I’ve talked about the previous Marvel Legends Weapon X figure a few times now, so here’s a comparison picture. Right out of the package I was surprised at how stocky the figure looked. This is a nice surprise as most of the Weapon X figures have been on the thin and gaunt side. You can see that gauntness here with the Toy Biz Marvel Legends Weapon X figure. The new figure is definitely thicker.

What’s surprising to me is how much shorter the Toy Biz version is to the Hasbro one. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the new Legends Weapon X is shorter than current Marvel Legends figures like Falcon. This just adds to how in proportion this figure appears to be.


I’ll be the first to admit, I’m already predisposed to liking this figure as it’s one of my favorite versions of Wolverine and I have almost all of the other Weapon X toys ever made. That said, I’m surprised just how good this figure is! (ignoring the pack in, unmasked head) The proportions are dead on in every aspect, it’s got great articulation and details. Like I previously mentioned, it captures the spirit of the original artwork that drew me to this character. That is a huge plus for me! While some people may only grab Weapon X to get the BAF Caliban leg, I hope they’ll take a moment to look the figure over, it’s one of the nicest Marvel Legends I’ve had in a long time.