Marvel Legends Price Hike

Marvel Legends are one of the most popular six inch figure on the market. The draw is the price point of $19.99 but all of that is changing. Most fans know that GameStop increased their price to $29.99. We all thought GameStop was just being greedy but they are not alone. Word has hit that Target raised their prices to $29.99 as well. That my friends is a $10 dollar price increase. The question I ask, who will continue to buy these at this price? If you look at the quality you might as well get a Mezco. For one, they are better and two, they are better. Still this is not good news for the collectors, stores, independent retailers and Hasbro. 

Now the wait is on to see if this will affect the upcoming GI Joe line and Star Wars Black. Could it be possible for a company to price themselves out of the market? Only time will tell. I do know that some smaller retailers will abandon the line due to the slimmest of margins. Let us know what you see and if WalMart follows suite then game over for Legends.