Marvel Legends Groot and More! Juicy Rumors Galore!!

Wow, we have several things to report on tonight. The first being that Toys R Us MIGHT have an amazing Groot Marvel Legends figure. This one is wickedly cool as he will come with Baby Groot, both the potted version and the little one we saw in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer.

****UPDATE**** The Groot is a CUSTOM FOLKS. Move along……

Note the pic was acquired online, is the source folks. 

Up next is the Walgreens, err I mean WALMART Black Panther! Yeah it was revealed that this guy will be coming to Walmart and yes, that groan you heard was thousands of fanboys crying out in disgust. This one might be tough depending on availability.


Also revealed was a mice Invisible Woman, which could be a Walgreens exclusive. Now I want you all to know one thing…..these are not confirmed by Hasbro and they might indeed be fake. It’s tough to tell but Marvelous News believes these could be the real deal. Hasbro will not confirm anything until Toy Fair, if even then. Also this interesting piece popped up as well……..

We have no info on this but I sure hope this is real, please God let this be real! 

Well, that is enough for today folks. Take all of this with a grain of salt until confirmed.