Marvel Legends 3 3/4″ Falcon Review

Since February, I have been anxiously awaiting both of the Civil War Falcon figures from Marvel Legends (3 3/4″ & 6″) and while the Walmart exclusive 6″ figure isn’t here yet, the 3 3/4″ Falcon has shown up en masse at Toys R Us stores this week! Was it worth the wait? Read on to find out!

Falcon 001

Falcon comes packaged on a small deluxe box just like the Captain America on Motorcycle that has been shelf warming since it came out many months ago.


Falcon 002

Right out of the box we have our first 3 3/4″ screen accurate movie Falcon figure. The wing span is an impressive 9 inches. The detailing all over the figure looks nice especially on the backpack and wings.


Falcon 003

Falcon has a nice amount of articulation. The two best articulation points not yet featured on a retail movie Falcon figure are the rocker ankles and hinged ball joint neck. Finally a Falcon figure that can point his toes and look up to see where he’s flying! There are a few down sides though. There is no articulation at all on the wrists and no mid torso joint. I would assume the mid torso joint had to be sacrificed for the backpack tab hole which is larger than a normal backpack peg to accommodate the size of the wings and make sure they stay on securely (which they do)


Falcon 004

The wings are hinged to move up and down and have a decent range of motion. They are geared to move together so you don’t have one wing up and one down. I do wish they could point downward a bit more for when Falcon is diving, but the fact that they move at all is a happy addition.


Falcon 005

Falcon comes with two heads (with and without goggles) Both headsculpts are decent and look like Anthony Mackie, but the unmasked one looks a little off to me so I typically just stick to the goggled one.


Falcon 006

Also included in the package is a wingless backpack and a Redwing drone! Redwing has a lot of detail on it and comes with a removable exhaust effect and a clear ball jointed bar that can plug into both backpacks so you can have him flying around Falcon. I really like the addition of Redwing and the clear bar, but I’m not really a fan of the wingless backpack. I wouldn’t have a problem with a wingless pack, it’s just that this one feels a shade too thick. Also, both packs are sculpted showing the empty space Redwing leaves when launched. I’d like to see at least one of these showing the full backpack with Redwing stored in it.

Falcon 007

This is not the first 3 3/4″ movie Falcon figure we have gotten, but it’s definitely the best. The fact that the wings are attached to the backpack and not the arms is a huge improvement, but many of the articulation upgrades and screen accurate sculpting push this figure to the forefront on the 3 3/4″ scale. The figure itself also seems a little bit larger over all.


Falcon 008

Overall, I’m very happy with this figure. There are a few complaints, lack of wrist articulation, the legs feel a little more rubbery than I’m used to with 3 3/4″ figures and the lack of weapons. (You will have to raid some GI Joe figures for guns similar to what Falcon uses in the movies) but those complaints pale in comparison to what we get with this figure. The added neck and ankle articulation to give more believable flying poses is a huge plus for me. The wings look great and are even articulated themselves! This is the first time I’ve spent $20 on a new 3 3/4″ figure and have been happy about it.


Falcon 009

Falcon 010

Falcon 011

Falcon 012