Marvel Hasbro Gallery! Marvel Legends, Infinite, Spiderman and More!

Marvel fans rejoice! Hasbro is going big in 2015 and I mean BIG! How about a Build A Figure Hulkbuster Iron man or how about a Build A Figure Rhino? Yes, Marvel Legends fans have a ton to look forward too. Not to be out done, the 3 3/4 line has some new jems as well. One of the highlightd besides the big BAF was the Ant Man Deluxe pack with giant Ant. This set is going to be on fire when it comes out. We are also getting more 2.5 scale figures and vehicles/ playsets as well to support the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron film. I am excited for these, not just because of the scale but the overall play-ability. These things were made for play time and even collectors can enjoy some play time every now and then. We also included the Spider-Man figures and some of the Preschool designed figures (yes they are cool as well). These bad boys will hook the youngsters and hopefully continue to collect into adult hood.


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