Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman Gallery

With all the hype surrounding SDCC I do believe this one fell through the cracks. Spider-Woman was released the week before SDCC and for many fans, this was a pleasant surprise. I do love the Bishoujo line from Kotobukiya and this was a must have. The Bishoujo line has grown in popularity over the last few years and from what we saw at Con, there is no slowing down for this line.

As you seem Spider-Woman comes in an elaborate pose to show off her curves and Kotobukiya nailed it. She also comes with a swappable faceplate to allow more display options (not shown) and can be easily stored in her base. Retail cost is around 59-69 USD depending on where you go and if you see her, snag one before she is gone. Check out the gallery below and decide for yourself on how bad you want her.


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