Mark Weber No Longer the Brand Manager of GI Joe

We hate this type of news but it seems Mark Weber is no longer the brand manager for the GI Joe line at Hasbro. Mark worked on both GI Joe and Transformers and he had a hand in some amazing releases during his time at Hasbro. With this news it makes me wonder if GI Joe is officially dead. If so this will be a blow to the community as a whole. It was stated that the position was eliminated at the end of April. We would like to wish Mark safe travels in his journey and we know he will end up at another toy company soon. We would also like to say thank you for all you have done of these amazing brands and thank you for all the cool toys!

“Firstly, no disrespect intended by the above image to the flag I removed with my yellow belt Photoshop skills.

I wanted to post a farewell to the G.I. Joe Discussion Group, as I am no longer working on the brand. I loved my time working on Transformers and G.I. Joe and I will remember my time at Hasbro fondly. I wish I had been working on G.I. Joe when the brand had more items allocated to it, but as a lifelong G.I. Joe fan and collector I’m grateful for the opportunity to work on the brand at all. I will always be proud that a few of my ideas made it into the history of G.I. Joe. Some of my personal highlights include:

Fighting to get Sightline’s file name changed to “Gary Goggles.”

Getting troop builder figure packed TOGETHER in 2-packs.

Championing Kindle Worlds and building the Fan Vote that produced Stiletto.

Devising and building the hintless crossword puzzle to reveal the 2016 figure lineup.

Writing the “Interrogator” filecard (my all-time favorite Cobra) and maybe one more down the line. Thanks to Brian Savage and Dave Lane for affording me the opportunity!

Getting a female Cobra Officer figure made and FINALLY releasing Shooter – the long lost “14th Joe.”

Pushing for all-new characters – hopefully starting the trend with Tombstone.

Seeing Hasbro’s Brand Writer (without me requesting it) make Night Fox’s hometown Bend, Oregon – where I grew up and the place I’ll always consider home. Maybe there’s some red hair under that balaclava??

My favorite moments were attending my first two JoeCons and getting to interact with the diehard supporters of this franchise we all love. Crafting the Brand Panels and sharing the new figures and vehicles with the fanbase for the first time was an absolute rush. I made so many new friends in Pasadena and Loveland – thanks to everyone who made me feel so instantly welcome.

I’ve been in this group the whole time, reading faithfully but not posting (per Hasbro’s policy). I’m under NDA and won’t be whispering secrets or hosting any “Q&A” sessions, but if I was helpful to you during my time on G.I. Joe, or if there was a product or figure you particularly liked over the last two years, I’d love to read about it in the comments section below. Thanks everyone!”