Marauder Task Force Update: Skull Mask

Marauder’s Gun Runners has updated their Kickstarter with a new exclusive for ALL Lieutenant Level and up contributors! Read on to find out all the details.


Here’s the message Marauder’s Gun Runners made about the update:


Hey MTF Supporters!

As a token of appreciation for your support, we are excited to announce the first Kickstarter Exclusive: a “Skull Balaclava” Head Design!  The limited edition design will be produced for EACH Kickstarter supporter at the Lieutenant Level and higher. EACH person that participates in the Kickstarter will get ONE (1) of the limited edition Skull Balaclava heads added for FREE to their package.  We will have the items produced to the match the number of Kickstarter pre-order participants  (regardless of level, each person gets ONE).  This particular skull design will be used ONLY for this exclusive version.  We will release other designs for the balaclava heads (other skull styes, other mouth styes, other teeth styles, etc) and those new styles will be available on the website after the items release.  But this exact design will NOT be used again and is ONLY for those that joined in our Kickstarter project.  The color of the balaclava head used for the exclusive has not been finalized and might vary (all options are open), but we show a black balaclava head in the images. Just a small thank you for supporting our project!



Marauder Kickstarter Mask


As of this post, there is only 26 hours left in the Kickstarter. Make sure you get your pledge in by going here: Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures