Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures

There is something special about product starved G.I. Joe fans; when they see something wicked cool they go all in! Marauder John from Marauder Gun Runners is changing the game of modern 3 3/4 scale military figures and in less that 24 hours, his fundraiser was met!! These are some awesome action figures and there is still time to get in on this event. You can pledge your support HERE.

Also take note, the guys from Boss Fight had a hand in the sculpts so you know they are bad ass. It’s about time we get some army builders for my ranks! Good luck guys!

Each highly detailed figure is fully articulated, features multi-role customizable design options, fully factory painted and is equipped with a wide variety of interchangeable accessories.  Simple-to-customize figures are designed to work WITH “modular” gear & accessories. The gaming figures have a unique design versatility that allows for use in Sci-Fi, Police, Military and Superhero games.  Basically, whatever gaming scenario required, the Marauder Task Force figure can fill the need.  The nameless, faceless minions are ideal for army building or to use as “backup” with other currently available gaming figures.

Each 1:18 scale gaming figure is approximately 4 inches tall, made from high tech ABS & PVC materials and produced AT a modern factory (NOT “castings” made out of “resin”). The figures feature an amazing level of sculpting detail and realistic authentic designs.  For maximum poseability, each figure has a large number of articulation points to allow positioning in virtually any pose required.

“Modular” interchangeable accessories are the key feature to the Marauder GR Gaming Figure System. To assist the “customizers” in our hobby, the removable headgear & vests have “modular” attachment points which provide the ability to “mix & match” the assorted modular equipment as desired. Also, there are “modular” accessory mounting points ON the actual figure.  The figures and accessories will be available in assorted colors.

There are several participation levels available in our Kickstarter project.  Everything from simple contributions, to single figure level options, to massive 27 figure sets…all the way to limited “one of a kind” Paint Master prototypes.  The higher the participation level, the better the value.  To add to the event, there are several “Stretch” goals.  If we hit the stretch goals, FREE bonus items will be added to specific participation levels and can also purchase ADDITIONAL stretch goal items.

If you’re looking for super detailed, articulated, fully painted, easy to customize gaming figures with interchangeable accessories…the Marauder Task Force gaming figure is for you!