Marauder Task Force Figures Review

We got our hands on a couple of the newly released Marauder Task Force figures. How do these new figures and their gimmick stand up? Read on to find out!


Marauder Task Force 01

Here is the basic Marauder Task Force figure in two of the multiple decos. The figure has a highly detailed sculpt showing a basic uniform with armored legs and forearms. Both of the figures I have feature the regular balaclava masked head, but there are multiple different heads one can choose from on the Marauder Gun Runners website. Both of these figures have camo paint apps that rivals most figures seen on retail shelves right now.

Marauder Task Force 02


Marauder Task Force 03

Unlike many modern GI Joe figures, these do not have a mid torso joint.

Marauder Task Force 04

There is a torso joint at the waist that can move left and right and forwards and backwards. This is reminiscent of the O-Ring GI Joe figures many of use grew up with. The joint doesn’t give an unnatural look to the figure and is hidden fairly seamlessly in the waist piece

Marauder Task Force 05


Marauder Task Force 06

The rest of the articulation on these figures is the same you’d expect from GI Joe or many other current 3 3/4″ figures. There’s a Ball Joint Neck, Swivel/Hinge shoulders, elbows and wrists. Torso joint, Ball joint hips, double hinged knees and swivel/hinge ankles.

The only problems I’ve run into with the articulation is that the ankle joint is slightly restricted by the sculpted shin armor (but the armor is thin enough that there is some give) The top joint on the knee joint is super hard to bend and the knee joints are made from soft plastic so they seem to bend sideways much easier than you’d expect. Much like all ball joints, I’ve unfortunately found out that if a piece pops off of one (let’s say a left leg) then you can pop the part back on, but it’s not really as tight as it once was. I’ve known this sad truth since the Transformers Beast Wars toys and now I know it with these figures. In this case, the leg is just a little looser than it originally was so it still works well. This did alert me to the fact that the hip’s ball joints are made out of hard plastic rather than the metal many of us are accustomed to. There’s no issues with that fact right now, but I do fear there could be issues years down the road.


Marauder Task Force 08

Each figure has six ports on their arms and legs. All of the different pouches, armor panels and holsters can fit into any of these ports. I’ve found most of the accessories fit snugly into these ports and will stick. You can find one or two that may not stay as well as the others, but for the most part, they don’t fall off.


Marauder Task Force 09

Each figure came with about the same assortment of accessories including four different sized pouches, three different holsters, two different sheaths, two different armor panels, grenade loops, pistol and two knives. The grey set I got has an extra tiny piece due to the different helmets I picked up.

Marauder Task Force 10


Marauder Task Force 21 Pouches

One of the specific pouches is an open magazine pouch. This can hold the larger magazines that come with many Marauder guns. The magazine fits in snugly and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall out. The grenade loops are just two circles that can fit the spoons from Marauder grenades. The tiny grenades fit in great and don’t feel like they’ll fall out.

Marauder Task Force 22 Grenade

The large pistol holster also has a single grenade loop sculpted onto the front of it.


Marauder Task Force 11

There are three different helmets and vests that come in many different colors. Due to the three sets I picked up (Urban ops, Spec Ops and Farshlungner) I mainly only have grey versions of the three vests and helmets along with some scarfs, but there are a ton of other colors and accessories on the Marauder website.


Marauder Task Force 12 Helmet

Both the Halfshell Helmet and the Tactical Helmet have a modular port in the center front of them. There is a tiny modular Helmet Plug that is supposed to go into these ports for now (Marauder has stated on his site that there will be other helmet accessories that can use this hole in the future) I’ve found that you can also stick the small armor panel in this hole as well.

Marauder Task Force 13 Helmet

Marauder Task Force 14 Helmet

All three of the helmets have a tiny hole on either side of them in what appears to be a sculpted rail system. I assume there will also be smaller pegged accessories like helmet cameras or something that will be able to use these ports.


Marauder Task Force 15 Vest

The Tactical Vest has five ports on the front and another five on the back. Any of the included accessories can be plugged into each of these ports but like any toy with this gimmick, the ports or plugs may wind up a fraction too small or too large. As such, the Tactical Vest on the grey Urban Ops figure can’t have anything plugged into the bottom two ports (they’re just slightly too large) but you can see that is not a widespread problem as the Tactical Vest on the Spec Ops figure works just fine. (Marauder has stated on his website that if the equipped figure will be heavily handled or if you aren’t going to make any changes to the configuration of accessories, you should glue the pieces into place)

Marauder Task Force 16 Vest


Marauder Task Force 17 Vest

The Harness Rig Vest also has 10 ports on it, but in a different configuration than the Tactical Vest. There are four ports on the front and back and one on either side of the waist belt.


Marauder Task Force 18 Vest

Now we come to my favorite of the vests, the Armor Vest. The vest has nine ports, five in the back and four on the front. The Armor Vest also comes with two shoulder pads that plug into the arm ports.

Marauder Task Force 19 Vest


Marauder Task Force 20 Shoulders

The shoulder pads are marked Left and Right since the pads are arm specific due to the angle of the peg and armor. Like I mentioned with the Tactical vest, the pegs and ports on the shoulder pads and arms may not work as well as designed (Out of the four pads I have, one fits perfectly and will not fall off easily)


Marauder Task Force 23 Space Marine

If you add a Marauder Pulse Rifle to the Spec Ops figure, you can see why I love the Armor the best, it gives me a 3 3/4″ Space Marine!


Marauder Task Force 24 GI Joe

Now many of you customizers may be wondering how well these figures interact with GI Joes and GI Joe parts. Well, they do as well as any of the modern era Joes. There’s a good range of modern era Joes that can and cannot work well with each other when making customs and the Marauder Task Force figures are no exception. Some figures, like the Lamprey here, are a little smaller than the Task Force figures (both in height and waist size) The Task Force head is a little loose on the Lamprey body and you can see that the Lamprey vest can’t fit all the way around the Task Force figure. However, the Jungle Viper and the Spec Ops Task Force figure can switch accessories fairly well. All of the Marauder Task Force figures seem to stand slightly taller than GI Joes (I haven’t tried measuring them with a taller Joe figure like Destro or Roadblock though)

Marauder Task Force 25 GI Joe


Marauder Task Force 26 Action

So final verdict? These are good modern military figures with a fun gimmick. That gimmick however, needs to be worked on a little bit more. The fact that the resistance between peg and port can vary will either mean you have a great figure that you can modify or a figure you’ll treat as a model kit by gluing a lot of parts to it. Given that Marauder’s modular guns have been the same way for years, I don’t expect there to be much that can be done to change this issue. The sculpting is spot on with every single item. Boss Fight Studio has outdone themselves here. The holsters, sheaths and open pouches all work great holding various weapons.

Even with the issues of accessories that may fall off and the rubbery knee joints that are hard to bend fully, I still highly recommend getting yourself at least one of these figures and a handful of accessories.

Marauder Gun Runners has all of the figures and all of the accessories on their website right now. (The first few figure pages show the figures are sold separately from the heads, but the last few pages have figures with either a balaclava head or a goggles and breather head, so if you want either of those heads, scroll down further instead of paying more by buying them separately .)


Marauder Task Force 27 Action

Marauder Task Force 28 Action

Marauder Task Force 29 Action

Marauder Task Force 30 Action