Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos AKA Gobots Coming Soon

Thanks to Tag Hobby we have some new images to show you concerning an old friend. Bandai and Action Toys are teaming up for high end versions of the classic Machine Robo Figures. You might remember that these were Gobots! Yes Gobots. The line will be called Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos and each bot will be highly detailed, fully transformable and will include character specific accessories. Included are:

  • Cy-Kill
  • Jet Robo / Fitor
  • Drill Robo / Screwhead
  • Turbo
  • Leader-1
  • Tank Robo / Tank
  • Shuttle Robo / Spay-C

I know many call Gobots the “Kmart” Transformers but these guys were out before the the US onslaught of Transformers hit. All I can say is I am glad Gobots are getting their due. These do look exquisite to say the least.

IMG_0636-1024x739 Machine-Robo-Revenge-of-Cronos-1 Machine-Robo-Revenge-of-Cronos-2