Loyal Subjects Toy Fair 2014!

We have some of the first images of their upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3″ figures. Check these out! Removable helmets, weapons, multi points of articulation and ball joints. These are hyper poseable figures gang. Also shown was the next series of Transformers Loyal Subjects. Each new figure has multiple points of articulation AND they are making Dinobots!!

Listed but not shown was the next assortment of G.I.Joe Loyal Subject figures. Included in the wave are:

  • Blowtorch
  • Beach Head
  • Major Blood
  • Copperhead
  • Firefly
  • Cobra Soldier
  • Dusty
  • Crimson Guard
  • Snake Eyes
  • Roadblock

Check out the images below!

IMG_5180_1024x683 IMG_5181_1024x683 IMG_5182_1024x683 IMG_5183_1024x683 IMG_5184_1024x683 IMG_5185_1024x683 IMG_5186_1024x683 IMG_5187_1024x683 IMG_5188_1024x683 IMG_5189_1024x683 IMG_5190_1024x683 IMG_5191_1024x683 IMG_5192_1024x683 IMG_5193_1024x683 IMG_5194_1024x683 IMG_5195_1024x683 IMG_5196_1024x683 IMG_5197_1024x683 IMG_5198_1024x683 IMG_5199_1024x683 IMG_5200_1024x683 IMG_5201_1024x683 IMG_5202_1024x683 IMG_5203_1024x683 IMG_5204_1024x683 IMG_5205_1024x683 IMG_5206_1024x683 IMG_5207_1024x683 IMG_5208_1024x683 IMG_5209_1024x683 IMG_5210_1024x683 IMG_5211_1024x683 IMG_5212_1024x683 IMG_5213_1024x683 IMG_5214_1024x683 IMG_5215_1024x683 IMG_5216_1024x683 IMG_5217_1024x683 IMG_5218_1024x683 IMG_5219_1024x683 IMG_5220_1024x683 IMG_5221_1024x683 IMG_5222_1024x683 IMG_5223_1024x683