Loyal Subjects GI Joe

Loyal Subjects GI Joe is looking very different but in a good way. Over on the Official Loyal Subjects Facebook group, a slew of new press images has been revealed for upcoming G.I. Joe product and it looks awesome! This new line will sport something unseen in the traditional vinyl style; articulation and removable accessories! this looks like a pretty huge step forward in the vinyl figure concept. One that can change the overall game. Trust me, The Loyal Subjects wants to impress you and you will dig their new goods.  

They also showed images of the FANG (with rotating copter blades) and the Watchtower (with rotating gun and movable spotlight).  These mini accessories can actually fit the figures!  Yeah you read that right…..there will be vehicles and mini playsets. Oh, that sound you heard was thousands of fans heads exploding from all that cool we just typed out. I have seen that Fang in action through a video and yes, the blades do spin and a figure can sit in the cockpit! Such amazing stuff here folks and I cannot wait!

Check out the images below, and keep watching TheLoyalSubjects.com and the Loyal Subjects Facebook Group for the latest info!

P.S Look for some chase variants for the Baroness…….Red and Blue! More on that latter.

Loyal Subjects GI Joe Loyal Subjects GI Joe! (2) Loyal Subjects GI Joe! (3) Loyal Subjects GI Joe! (4)