Loot Crate: October Unboxing

Every year, Loot Crate has a Halloween themed box on October, so this month we made sure to get one of the “Fear” themed boxes to unleash the horrors of this month. Was it as scary as we hoped?


October Lootcrate 01

The first item out of the Lootcrate appears to be the Capcom exclusive item. It’s in a decorated box that appears to be a bloody diner countertop (perhaps from the game Deadrising 3?)


October Lootcrate 02 Sledgesaw

Upon opening the box we find that it’s a miniature Sledgesaw Hammer from Deadrising 3. Inside the Lootcrate magazine we find out this is the Lootcrate team’s number 1 pick for best Horror Weapon. The magazine also claims this item is a pen, but it feels way too light and I can’t find a pen tip or removable cap anywhere on this item.


October Lootcrate 03 Sledgesaw

Even though it may not be a pen as advertised, it does work really well with 12″ figures like Vintage GI Joes or Masterpiece Optimus.


October Lootcrate 17 Sledgesaw Pen

The Sledgesaw Hammer really is a pen! The saw is the cap but it’s on really, really tight. The pen writes very well.


October Lootcrate 04

The next item out of the crate is the exclusive T-Shirt. This one is titled “Death by Kitten” and features a bunch of kittens that make up a skull design. I was looking forward to the shirt, so I’m a little let down with this design as it’s not really what I would have liked, however, my wife LOVES it.


October Lootcrate 05

The next item was a pleasant surprise, it’s the “How to survive a Sharknado” manual


October Lootcrate 06

The book details ways to survive many unnatural disasters including Monster Storms, Swamp Volcanos and even individual monsters like Robocrocs! I haven’t read it yet, but if it’s anything like The Zombie Survival Guide, I’m sure I’ll love it.

October Lootcrate 07


October Lootcrate 08 Walking Dead Print

Under the survival manual is an exclusive Super Emo Friends print from artist JSalvador. This is a Walking Dead themed print called “Oh, Brother” featuring the scene from the TV Show were Daryl finds his brother Merle has become a zombie.


October Lootcrate 09

The next few items includes some horror themed tattoos, a DLC code for the game Smite, a VERY sour Toxic Waste candy and this month’s Loot Crate button.


October Lootcrate 10

Next up is this month’s Lootcrate Magazine and a pair of 3-D glasses! The entire cover is 3-D and there’s even a centerfold 3-D pic in the magazine.

October Lootcrate 11 3D Cover

The magazine features interviews with Robert Kirkman and JSalvador

October Lootcrate 12


October Lootcrate 13 Walking Dead Variant Cover

The final item in this Fear themed Lootcrate is an exclusive variant cover of Walking Dead #132 done by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard!


October Lootcrate 14

Printed inside the box is a zombie themed holdout that would be perfect for 5″ or so figures.


October Lootcrate 15

So this month’s Fear themed Lootcrate is over. For me I’m about 50/50 on the excitement rating here. I wasn’t thrilled by the shirt or tattoos and the Sledgesaw is kinda neat. I do really like the 3-D Glasses & Magazine along with the JSalvador print. The real high points for me are the Survival Manual and the Walking Dead Variant Comic. Given that the Survival Manual is a $10-$15 book alone, I think it and the comic carry the bulk of the value here and are worth grabbing the Loot Crate this month.


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October Lootcrate 16 Title