Loot Crate: July Unboxing

We had a late shipment yesterday including July’s Loot Crate! This month’s theme is Villains and I have to say, this is one of  my favorite Loot Crates. Read on to see what’s in the box!


First off, the box is a different shape (to accommodate the Rocket Raccoon exclusive comic we told you about previously) But the size is not the only change, the inside has been defaced by someone!

July Loot Crate 01 Box


One of the first items in the box is a Darth Vader Key Chain. The iconic Vader image is made of rubber and sculpted.

July Loot Crate 02 Vader Key Chain


From the Marvel side of things, we get two items. The first one is Deadpool Socks! They’re red with black stripes and Deadpool’s eyes (If only they were winking) The socks supposedly are shoe size 6-12

July Loot Crate 03 Deadpool Socks


Next up is the Rocket Raccoon #1 Exclusive Loot Crate cover comic. The comic comes in a flimsy bag similar to how Marvel mailed their comics out to homes back in the 90’s, but it also has a board so that’s nice for collectors who may be concerned about the comic’s condition.

Loot Crate Rocket Racoon Cover


DC wasn’t left out of the party, rolled up into a tube we have two mini posters of The Joker & Harley Quinn. Both posters are in one single piece but can be separated along a perforated edge.

July Loot Crate 04 Joker Poster

July Loot Crate 05 Harley Quinn Poster


Already residing on my fridge is a Bowser magnet. Bowser is parodying the iconic Uncle Sam “I Want You” poster.

July Loot Crate 06 Bowser Magnet


Next in the box is a DVD Documentary. “Necessary Evil Super-Villains of DC Comics” is a 1 hour and 37 minute long documentary all about DC’s Super Villains narrated by Dracula himself, Christopher Lee! The Documentary has interviews with a number of people who have worked on and written about DC properties and goes in depth with why certain villains act the way they do, their history and even what makes great villain characters.

July Loot Crate 07 Villians DVD 01

July Loot Crate 07 Villians DVD 02

July Loot Crate 07 Villians DVD 03


Rounding out the Loot Crate exclusives is another T-Shirt! This time it’s a mash up of The Joker & Loki, AKA: Joki!

July Loot Crate 08 Joki Shirt


As always there’s the magazine, this one has an interview with Marvel artist, Skottie Young, They’ve ranked the top 5 video game villains and there’s a few puzzle games in it as well.

July Loot Crate 09 Magazine 01

July Loot Crate 09 Magazine 02


We finish this month’s Loot Crate off with the July Themed button.

July Loot Crate 10 Button



Thus far I think this is my favorite Loot Crate. It’s full of items I’m happy to have and will use. The low point for me is the Darth Vader Key Chain and that’s not really a low point in itself. That’s how happy I am with this month’s Loot Crate. For the $13 or so a single crate costs, this was definitely a steal!

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July Loot Crate 11 Villians