Loot Crate: April 2015 Unboxing

It’s time for another Loot Crate Unboxing! The theme this month is Fantasy so join me on a quest to reveal the hidden secrets of this month’s Loot Crate!


Loot Crate April Fantasy 01 Shirt


Right off the bat we get a new T-Shirt! This is a cool Dungeons & Dragons logo and brings up my collection of red shirts to now 3 (2 of them thanks to Loot Crate)


Loot Crate April Fantasy 02 USB

The next item in the box was a nice surprise, it’s a USB flash drive! This one is in the shape of the Stark sigil from Game of Thrones. It’s labeled as a 4 GB drive and my computer says there’s 3.74 GB of free space. Even if you may know nothing about Game of Thrones (like me) you can definitely appreciate a flash drive


Loot Crate April Fantasy 03 Crown

Here’s a bit of fun wrapped up as an inflatable crown! Be king of the pool party! The crown inflates a lot quicker than I thought it would and has a slightly tight fit, but works pretty well for what it is.


Loot Crate April Fantasy 04 Bowtie

Black Tie Geek supplies us with another tie, I believe this is now my third tie from them and my second Bow Tie. This one features dragons and 20 sided dice


Loot Crate April Fantasy 05 Cards

The Princess Bride item we were promised turned out to be a deck of playing cards. Each of the face cards (Jokers, Jacks, Queens & Kings) feature a different character from the movie. The artwork is really nice and the cards feel like quality playing cards.


Loot Crate April Fantasy 06 Bag Tag

For the Harry Potter fans, we have a luggage tag. Write your address on the back of it and if your bag goes missing on the platform, at least whoever finds it will know where to send it.


Loot Crate April Fantasy 07 Magnets

There’s a second Game of Thrones item in this month’s crate, four house sigil magnets!


Loot Crate April Fantasy 08 Magazine

As always there’s the Loot Crate magazine and button. The magazine has the typical articles relating to the fantasy theme, what I really liked about this one though was that it revealed the winners of the Comic Note Book contest Loot Crate held in February using the Comic Note Book from January’s crate.


Loot Crate April Fantasy 09 Magazine

Chris Rien won with his “The call of Loot-thulu!” comic that is reprinted in the magazine. Nina Stowers won the Best Art Award and Heath Williams won the Best Story Award. I had been wondering when we might find out who won and what the other entries looked like. Chris’ story made me chuckle and I’m happy to have lost to a well executed and fun entry. I hope Loot Crate will show off the other winning entries and even those that didn’t win. This was a fun contest that got me drawing again. For those interested, here’s my entry:

Loot Crate Aptil Fantasy 14 Comic


Loot Crate April Fantasy 10 Box

Now we have the empty box, inside there’s a cool Loot Crate shield and the box tells you how to turn it inside out, so let’s do that to figure out what it’ll make….


Loot Crate April Fantasy 11 Box

It’s a table! Well, a table from a fantasy world since there’s swords, helmets, treasure maps and a goblin!


Loot Crate April Fantasy 12


And that’s it for another Loot Crate! For me the big winners were the D&D T-Shirt, Princess Bride Playing Cards and 4GB GOT flash drive, no offense to the Harry Potter luggage tag, but I already have a Carbonite Han one that kinda trumps that 🙂

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