Loot Crate Aliens Crate Unboxing

Last month during the “Alien Day” celebrations, Loot Crate put their 30th Anniversary Aliens Crate up for preorder. The crate was drop shipped off at my front door today! Read on to see all the cool loot inside!

First off is the box. Since this is one of the more expensive, specialty crates, the box is bigger than they typical Loot Crate box. This one is both larger and longer than most of the Crates I’ve gotten in the past. It’s a strange shape though, like an extra long shoebox with an angled part at one end. This is primarily so that you can turn the box inside out for a cool surprise…

Aliens Crate 001

…It turns into a Colonial Marine APC! This is a nice feature, though I think I’ll leave the cannon on top off to keep it a normal box-ish shape. I have definitely found a new box to store all of my Aliens Minimates though.


Now on to the Loot inside the Aliens Crate, first up we have a four pack of NECA Alien Eggs! These come in the egg carton similar to the 6 pack you can find at Toys R Us.

Aliens Crate 002

I love the packaging a lot with this one and all of the funny information printed all over it.

Aliens Crate 003

Inside the Aliens Crate exclusive egg carton we have 2 closed eggs and two opened ones with Facehuggers. Everything is slathered in glow in the dark paint which is both good and bad. I LOVE glow in the dark items, absolutely love them, but in this case, the GITD paint subdues some of the great paint details that the regular eggs have. Thankfully, the Facehuggers are not affected as much as the eggs are. I like that the Facehuggers have bendable tails. The closed eggs may have to have a small hole drilled into them or something as the bottom of the eggs are bowed out a bit (I think due to the hollow eggs being heated up sitting on my doorstep half the day) Maybe cooling them off will make them more stable instead of drilling a hole.

Aliens Crate 004


Next up is a Titans Vinyl Figure. It’s an Aliens Crate exclusive Glow in the Dark Xenomorph. The figure has some swivel articulation at the neck and shoulders. There’s some nice sculpted details in the head and collar piece. I like that they made the collar piece a separate piece and allow it to move to give the head a better range of motion.

Aliens Crate 005

The Titan Xenomorph stands six and a half inches tall and towers over the Mystery Mini Alien I have

Aliens Crate 006


Aliens Crate 007

Next up is a Metal Print by Quantum Mechanix. The thin metal sign is a close up of the Alien Queen’s mouth and have Alien 2 in Japanese at the bottom. It’s cool, but I kinda wish they had reproduced one of the multiple movie posters for Aliens instead. The Metal print measures 9″x6″

Included with the print are two clear acrylic pieces that form a stand for your Metal Print. Once you remove the brown protective paper from the pieces, they can be slid together to form an X with the small L tabs on the ground to hold the print in place.

Aliens Crate 008

Aliens Crate 009

We have a hardcover reprint of the first Dark Horse comic series in this Aliens Crate as well. This is the 6 issue story “Outbreak” What is really special about this book is that they reprinted it as an unaltered version. Anyone who’s read the early Dark Horse Aliens comics can tell you how reprints of them have been changed. The problem is that they starred characters from the second movie like Hicks & Newt. These stories had to be changed when Aliens 3 came out effectively killing both Hicks & Newt between the two movies.

Aliens Crate 010

Here you can see the name change between the Omnibus version and the 30th Anniversary version that came with the Aliens Crate. Even though the original was Black & White, I kinda wish they had kept the colors in this reprint, but just having the names back to the originals is a big plus to me.

Aliens Crate 011

Lastly, we have the T-Shirt. It sports the nose artwork seen on the Sulaco’s “Bug Stomper” dropship. This has definitely earned a place in my shirt rotation.


Also included in the box is a printed faux top secret Weyland-Yutani Corp folder that lists the 5 items in this Aliens Crate Specialty Loot Crate. So was this Aliens Crate worth the money? On one hand, being a specialty crate it’s a higher cost ($55 instead of the typical $20) but still only has 5 or so items like a normal Loot Crate. However, the items do appear to be more expensive items than what you get in a typical Loot Crate. Also if you look at ebay, sealed Aliens Crates are selling for over $100 so it does seem like a great value, but let’s break it down.

Book: There is an oversized version of this exact book on sale right now for MSRP $39.99 (It can be had as cheaply as $26.66) This book is a little smaller than the Omnibus (which is already smaller than a typical comic) so I’d put this around the $20 MSRP

Shirt: T-Shirts run anywhere from $10-$20 This feels like a good shirt so I’ll split the difference at $15

6.5″ Titans seem to run around $15 or so

I can’t find any other Metal Prints by Quantum Mechanix but they sell prints (in a larger size) but on paper for $15 so I figure a smaller print on metal will be around that price

Alien Eggs. The 6 pack runs $25 (that’s a little over $4 per egg) so I’d say the four pack is about $16

My rough estimate is $81 (Loot Crate said $90+ so I may be off a bit) Anyway, for $55 I got a cool T-Shirt, the Aliens Eggs I’ve been eyeing for a while now (only these have the added bonus for glowing in the dark) plus more stuff I didn’t know I wanted 🙂 Honestly, the Metal Print is the low point for me in this Aliens Crate, but even if it didn’t come in the box, I’d still be happy with the fun Alien merchandise I got, so I have to say it was definitely worth it. If you see a specialty crate pop up for a property you like, I’d suggest picking it up.