Lila Cheney Music Video Featuring New Mutants

Back in the summer of 2014, we featured a fan-made music video featuring Dazzler, and the makers of that video have followed with Lila Cheney. Arvin Bautista, of Greasy Pig Studios gave us the tip off just prior to it going public, we hope because we liked the Dazzler video so much. It has that same 80’s feel as the Dazzler video, but with a bit less subtlety than the Dazzler one did. Once the music gets started, if you mind that, you’ll forget all about it.

lila cheney music videoThese are obviously the New Mutants. They’re even wearing their black and yellow costumes underneath dome poorly camouflaging street clothes. We also get Gentry Roth reprising her role as Dazzler and Dillon Dinkens as Longshot. Stevie Hunter and Guido make appearances as well, but fans of the New Mutants will get a tingle at Warlock temporarily losing control over his appearance, as well as Cannonball taking off with Lila in his arms.

Then there’s the song. It’s got all the feel of an 80’s rock hit, and Sage Montclair not only shows off one heck of a performance but really gets into the part of Lila Cheney. It’s a better song than “Sight and the Sound” from the Dazzler video. Sage rocks a Joan Jett type of vibe, and carries herself with the confidence of a rock star. Enjoy the video and head over to  Superhero Pop for more info.