Liger PS-02 Third Party Transformer Reveal

Ocular Max posted pictures of their newest release on Facebook, PS-02 Liger! We’ve got some of the pictures after the jump!


PS-02 Liger is a red version of Ocular Max’s Sphinx as an homage to the Diaclone days when there was both a blue and red race car that was called Ligier JS11 (The blue one was later renamed Mirage in the Transformers toy line)

Liger appears to come with his shoulder cannon, hand blaster and a small, pre-posed driver for his race car mode. Based on the pictures, it looks like both guns can fit onto the spoiler while in car mode.

This figure will be originally released at Cyber City Con next month (May 7th-8th) Look for him at booth B02/B04. After the event, there will be a mass release of this figure.

Liger 01 Liger 02 Liger 03 Liger 04