Let’s Talk About The Supergirl Pilot

CAUTION: As much as I try to, there may be spoilers in this article.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I illegally downloaded the Supergirl Pilot. People were talking about it, so I felt like I had to, but I’m still going to watch it when it airs, and if the quality holds up, I’ll probably buy the DVD sets. Rumors are also going around that DC may have leaked it, but they are just speculation.

SUPERGIRL-First-Look-Image-Full-Body-c137aLET’S TALK: So I watched the Supergirl pilot, starring Melissa Benoist and I have to say that it’s good, but not great. I wouldn’t expect it to be at this point, since any series needs to start off with room to grow. Benoist’s Kara is unsure of herself, but knowledgeable of her abilities and possessing of a confidence that she’ll need to reign in in order to establish a viable secret identity. In this aspect, it’s a common problem with Berlanti’s heroes that very quickly, the number of people that know the hero’s secret identity quickly, so much as the potential issues it can prose multiply to the point of straining credulity.

I don’t think Superman is mentioned by name once, but his presence is overwhelming in the episode, but neverdoes the question of calling him in become an option.I found that refreshing as part of Kara’s personality quickly is established as wanting to prove herself and succeed on her own merits. It becomes an recurring theme for her sister. If this becomes the theme for the first season, I could be okay with that, as superhero stories are best when they’re about something  more universal than crime-fighting.

The Easter eggs for fans are plentiful, almost from the beginning with Kara’s adoptive parents being cast with Helen Slater and Dean Cain, and characters showing up that with names that have a long history in the comics. Berlantiu has a habit of this, but letting the story play out and getting us invested in the characters as they are before dropping the hammer and making the reveal count for something.

Like I said in the disclaimer, I will watch this episode again in November when it debuts. I’m looking forward to this series about as much as I was looking forward to the Flash, although ranking it around the other Berlanti pilots, I place it right between Flash and Arrow, in that order, and it’ll be a welcome addition to my weekly TV viewing.